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Jordan, Emily, Yasmine and I are doing geography assignment.

michael doucette

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Refugees

About Countries that accept Refugees. Health in a refugee camp Refugee and Refugee Camps 43 million refugees worldwide
15 million have fled
27 million are still in there home country No country by law has to accept refugees. The following information shows the following items in order and colour:

Country name, Number of refugees accepted in 2009, Country’s population in 2009, Ratio of refugees to country’s population

Australia 8, 742 21, 300, 000 1:2, 400

Canada 10, 804 33, 300, 000 1:3, 100

U.S.A 60, 191 304, 500, 000 1:5, 100

Norway 910 4, 800, 000 1:3, 000

New Zealand 750 4, 300, 000 1:5, 700

Iceland 29 300, 000 1:10, 300

Denmark 373 5, 500, 000 1:47, 700

Netherlands 544 16, 400, 000 1:39, 500

Ireland 101 4, 500, 000 1:44, 600 -Temporary settlement
-Takes in refugee
-Thousands live in one camp
-Run and built by government or red cross
-Only have basic human needs (short time) Try to return refugees home but some cannot return home They go to a new country or a 3rd country 2/3rds of refugees are from developing nations What is a Refugee? Conditions Of The Camp Go mostly to developed countries What is a refugee camp -Person forced to flee home because of religion, race, natural disaster, war etc..
-Fled from danger -illnesses are frequent
-generally non-epidemic deseases(Cholera)
-food supplies, water are sometimes the transmission -41% are kids
-fleeing from religion, race, etc. -Over populated (spread illness)
-Dieing environment
-Little security
-Houses very poorly made (plastic, mud wood)
-Usually have one stove
-Tents used for medical and emergency's (only last 2-3 years)
-Washrooms shared with many people Should countries such as Canada accept refugees Why Refugees Flee What causes people to flee their homes? -Persecution -Natural Disasters -Lifestyle -War -Poverty Where do people flee from? -Afghanistan
-Rwanda -refugees don't usually flee with family
-flee to save their family Which 3 countries accept the most refugees? Canada, U.S. and Australia Jeopardy How many people flee? -Over half a million refugees are fleeing Syria into Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq
-There are about 10.5 million refugees in the world today
-There are refugee programs that resettle around 100,000 refugees per year
-Canada anually takes in 1 out of every 10 refugees through government sponsored programs refugee programs
-The numbers of refugees are increasing everyday $400 $600 $800 $1000 $400 $600 $800 $1000 Countries Accepting Refugees About Refugees & Refugee Camps Why Refugees flee $400 $600 $800 Health in a Refugee Camp $400 $600 $800 $1000 What is a refugee?
a) A person who is forced to flee from there homes because of war, natural disaster, religious conflict etc...
b) A person who fled or fleeing from danger
c) All of the above
d) None of the above A 3rd Country. Answer: c) all of the above A refugee camp has,
a) A isolated environment
b) Lots of space and room
c) Fairly big amount of people
d) Clean with good amounts of supply's Answer: a) An isolated environment Do countries have to accept refugees? No True or False
A refugee camp is, a long term settlement that only provides medical care to refugees What portion of refugees are from developing nations? 2/3rds What is called when refugees go to a new country? $1000 -kids and elders more open to mental illnesses
-can traumatize, cause insanity(rare), etc. -people lucky to be in good condition at arrival
-on journey, can suffer from injury, dehydration, etc. -malnutrition, breathing problems and malaria also may occur
-minimal medical supplies to aid
-diseases can be mistaken Name three possible illnesses. What percent of the refugees are kids? True or False: There are about 5million refugees in the world today. True or False: Canada annually takes in 1 out of every 10 ten refugees. What is one reason that cause people to flee their homes?
A. Starvation
B. Slavery
C. Poverty Where is one area refugees flee from?
A. Sudan
B. Rwanda
C. Turkey False True C.Poverty B. Rwanda Answer: false, a refugee camp is a short term settlement that provides temporary houses and some medical care. True or False,
A refugee is only someone stranded because their house got destroyed Answer: false By: Emily Gray 41% malnutrition, breathing problems and malaria Kids and Elders are more likely to get what? Mental issues Why can deseases be misaken? because of culture, backround, race
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