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Food Choice Analysis

health presentation

Dylan Geerdts

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Food Choice Analysis

Food Choice Analysis Mini Delights- Chocolatey Drizzle Total fat- 3.5g (6%) Not bad its a good amount of fat in these but only for one packet Calories- 90 its a good amount Total carbohydrates- 14g (5%) reasonable amount of carbohydrates Protien- 1g this is a healthy amount Ingredients- There isn't alot of sugar and most of these ingredients are familiar. 1 ingredient that isnt familiar is soy lecithin Evaluation- I think this food is pretty healthy in my view. Not too many ingredients i don't understand and the nutrition facts weren't too high so i think they are pretty healthy. There isnt any vitamin A or C but its not that bad. Sources- Quaker mini delights box and google images
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