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super mario

No description

s o'donovan

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of super mario

...Was boron on the 16th of November 1952 in Sonobe, Koyoto, Japan. He is one of the most praised video game devolopers ever. He is best known for the creation of Mario Bros. , Donkey Kong , The Legend of Zelda and the Wii series .
He currently manages the Nintendo Entertainment Analysis Development branch. All of his games have been seen on every Nitendo video game console which is an amazing achievement.
Shigeru has a wife,Yasuku and two children. He also has dog who inspiered him to make NintenDogs !
Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start discovered by... Its the biggest game series of all time and is 25 years old. this mans discovery has a big impact on the world as nearly every child and adult has played or heard of mario bros. or nintendo! Mario Brothers creation By Lisa McNamara The arcade version of the game was received very positively! Shigeru Miramoto... Pretty fly guy He was quoted "video games are bad for you ? That's what they said about rock and roll. " facts about The game :
mario was originally called jump man.
He was also a carpenter,not a plumber,
and featuredas a doctor in a series.
There was a super mario bros. movie made
in 1993 but was a failure .
mario appeared in over 200 video games. Super mario bros. was discovered in 1983 by Nintendo.It is an arcade game published and devoloped by Shigeru Miyamoto.
In the game, mario plays an Italian-American plumber along with his brother Luigi. They have to defeat creatures coming up from the sewers beneath New York. They defeat the pest by kicking them and flipping them on their backs. The Super Mario bros series is in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful gaming franchise of all time. It now boasts global sales of over 240 million units. In a survey in the early 90's Mario Bro.s was more recognised in America then Mickey Mouse was by children.
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