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Exposé comédies musicales

An exploration of the music theatre industry.

Elise MARX

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Exposé comédies musicales

What is a Musical?
Economic Analysis
Social Analysis
Musical theatre is a type of comedy, who joins acting, dancing, and singing. Of thee I sing, in 1931 and Annie in 1924 were one of the first musicals!

This industry has been here for a few hundred years and is constantly growing and evolving with the changes in society.
We will be taking a look at how the business of the musical theatre industry works, specially the Broadway theatres in New York City.
As we have seen, here are many important facets to the theatre industry. We have thoroughly examined the ways in which theatre is affected by where it is performed. Namely, what makes Broadway different from touring companies and local theatres. We then looked at the inner workings of a production, focusing especially on the value chain. Moving on to consumer analysis, we were able to determine the main consumer, that is, audience, for these shows and how that affects what shows run and for how long.
The backstage

Most modern musicals count very heavily on technology- projections, electronic rigging systems, specialty lighting, mechanical contraptions, and other special effects all increase the cost of production.
The increase in cost results in a varying amount of technology used in productions (ex. The Lion King vs Once)
Rush Tickets
Costs $5-$20 million to open a Broadway musical in New York
The increase of technology also comes with an increase in risk of malfunctions and injury.
A famous musical on Broadway will sell from $600,000 to $1,000,000 per week in tickets.
Depending on how much the show costs to run also impacts how much is made by everyone that contributes to the show. For example, the musical Once will have his money back much faster than Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, simply because, the costumes, the effects..Are much more expensive.
Practiced since 1973
Represent 10-15% of Broadway tickets sales
-Social media and the internet s becoming an integral part of advertising for musical theatre.
-In 2011, 47% of amators of theatre bought their tickets online and a majority looked on the production website for information
Broadway shows exaggerates the success of their shows as a marketing tool.
What is a Musical ?
Autre image
Front row seats are more expensive than seats in the back.
The famous Musicals on Broadway.
We are going to show you, different kind of shows, from the 1920's to our generation! Let's have fun now!
Avenue Broadway
Since the 20th century, the musicals has been defined as a musical play where songs and dances are fully integrated into a story.
In ancient Greek and European renaissance theatre, performances were complemented with song and dance, and these became the early predecessors of musical theatre. The 19th century Operettas incorporated comic musical theatre and has been known to lay the foundation for the modern musical.
Musicals today are just as popular as their early predecessors. Since musical theatre has had several modifications in terms of music genre and visual effects, they have managed to keep audiences interested and passionate. There are currently 46 musicals on Broadway and 35 musicals on London's West End. The Phantom of the Opera is Broadway's longest running musical, with 10, 463 performances. Les Miserables is the West End's longest running musical with 11, 000 shows.
The Black Crook - 1866
The Black Crook is often considered to be the first piece of musical theatre that conforms to the modern notion of a "book musical".
It is a variety show popular later 1800’s through 1930’s
Includes singers, dancers, musicians, animal acts, jugglers, comedians.
Training ground for future musical theatre stars, composers, choreographers
1880: $1.50
1920: $7.70
1930: $3.85 (Depression)
1970: $30.00
1984: $45.00 and up
1990: $65.00 and up
1991: MISS SAIGON charges first $100 B’way ticket
Current prices: $55-$100, best seats $80 and up
Broadway's tickets evolution
Broadway is a road in the U.S. state of New York. It is the oldest north–south main thoroughfare in New York City, dating to the first New Amsterdam settlement.
Broadway theater
Broadway theater is theatrical performances presented in one of the 40 professional theaters with 500 or more seats. They are widely considered to represent the highest level of commercial theater in the English-speaking world.
Their History
Walter Murray
The Black Crook, the first theater piece adding dance and original music to tell a story
The first musical comedy produced and performed by African Americans in Broadway theater was "A Trip to Coontown" in 1898
The Great White Way
Ohlahoma! (1943)
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