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Test Drive OverDrive

Information on OverDrive presented to Montgomery County Memorial Library System staff for Staff Development Day 2013

Amber Fritschel-Manolovitz

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Test Drive OverDrive

Online Stores Ink
Technology Available Formats Disney Online Kindle OverDrive READ eBooks Ticket to free
eContent Explore the Catalog Test Drive OverDrive Some Many Few Getting Started OverDrive Common Questions Answered Photo used under Creative Commons License by jeff_golden on flickr.com Audiobook Formats Video Format Open EPUB and Open PDF Public Domain (EPUB) Authorization required for eBook downloads and transfers Adobe Activation Adobe EPUB Adobe PDF provider, not a publisher Chambers County Library System
Deer Park Public Library
Friendswood Public Library
Hebert Public Library
Helen Hall Library
Houston Public Library
Hughes Public Library
Mae S. Bruce Library
Montgomery County Memorial Library System
Pasadena Public Library
Port Arthur Pubic Library
Rosenberg Library
Sterling Municipal Library
Wharton County Library Houston Area Digital Media Catalog 17,000 eBooks
7,000 Audiobooks
900 Videos Our collection has over…... The Big 6 Digital Catalog
Access Catalog Link
Clarification HCPL HADC
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