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Middle School the Worst Years of My Life

Quarter 3 presentation. Due by the end of Spring Break. March 20.

Camille oga

on 19 March 2012

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Transcript of Middle School the Worst Years of My Life

Double click to crop it if necessary San Francisco Budapest by: Michael Buckley Middle School The Worst Years of My Life Thanks For Watching Summary Settings Main Characters Conflict James Patterson Rating "Middle School" is about a 6th grader named Rafael (Rafe for short) at Hills Village Middle School. Rafe plans a game called Operation R.A.F.E. (rules aren't for everyone) to help him make his school year worthwhile. In this game, Rafe attempts to break every rule in the student handbook. Like any game, he has obstacles to face like the principal Mrs. Stricker, his vicious step father Bear (a.k.a Carl), and his tattle-tale sister Georgia. After getting into serious trouble, Rafe decides to stop the game. Surprisingly, while in tutoring, a counselor helps him to discover his true potential and he gets to go to an art school next year. The two main settings in this story are Hills Village Middle school and Rafe's house. Hills Village Ms is Rafe's prison. With boring assemblies, ridiculous classes, and wicked teachers, it seems as if you are held in a jailhouse. The Khachadorian house is where Rafe's almost step dad stays for most of the day. Bear (his almost step dad) rules over both the TV and Georgia (his sister) and Rafe. Main characters in this story are Rafe, Leo the Silent, Bear, and Rafe's Mom. Rafe is a caring, but brave person. Even if his sister Georgia is annoying, he is willing to stand up for her. Leo the Silent is Rafe's motivater. In times of hardship, Leo is willing to help his companion. He is also Rafe's almost brother, but he is a great imaginary friend. Bear is a sinister, rough character who doesn't care about the feelings of others. Rafe's Mom Jules is hard working, supportive, and sweet. She makes sacrifices for her family and makes sure she does what's right. That is why Jules is my favorite character. There were two small problems in this story. One problem in this story was that Rafe had a hard time fitting in at his new school. This leads him to create Operation R.A.F.E which gets him into more trouble, like dealing with parents and teachers (problem 2). He solves both of these problems by suspending the game and doing creative things like drawing to satisfy himself instead. Some cool facts about James Patterson are:
He has the most books sold by one author.
James Patterson was the first author to have #1 titles on New York Times simultaneously.
He had the most #1 selling novels (63 in all).
Patterson grew up in New York, but he currently lives in Palm Beach, Floridia.
He used to be a Chairman for J.W. Thompson, an advertising company.
He helped to come up with the popular jingle, "Toys R Us Kid". James Patterson shows his personality in this story because his childhood was rough. His father treated him without much respect. This was just like Rafe and his father because Rafe is always having some kind of problem and Bear (well he is not his father) tries to give him a hard time at home. My favorite part in the story is when Rafe breaks his first rule in which he pulled the fire alarm. This was the most enjoyable part because this is where the action all began. The moment he pulled the trigger, he was no longer just a regular student at Hills Village MS. I also think that this was the most important section of the book because there was "no turning back now". I would rate this story with 4 stars because it has a facinating plot that keeps the reader captivated until the end. It was really fun to read about the winding road of middle school. by: James Patterson
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