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presentation wwf pakistan

No description

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of presentation wwf pakistan

Individual Membership Program
No change is possible without individual participation
Enables people to support WWF’s main missions and help combat environmental challenges.
Individual Membership Card Customization Option
Individual Membership Programme
Membership Folder and Membership Card

Welcome and Thank you letter

Discounts on WWF Panda Products

Electronic Natura Magazine

Invites to WWF-Pakistan events

Individual Membership Package
Benefits to
One year free access to WWF-Pakistan’s Environmental Library and video centre.
Complimentary passes/ invitations to WWF-Pakistan’s annual events.

Members also avail discounts on:
Panda products
WWF-Pakistan publications like
Natura and Panda Post.
Biweekly updates on environmental happenings.
Amazing Discounts at our Retail Partner's Outlets.
Discount Retail Partners
Benefits to the WWF-Members
School Outreach Programme

Eco-Internship Programme
Green School Programme
WWF-Pakistan's Fund Raising Campaigns

Nature Carnival
Eco Internship
Green School Programme
Earth Hour
Individual Membership Programme

Why Green School Programme?
Initiatives taken by WWF – Pakistan :Species Conservation
WWF-Pakistan's Other Projects
Annual Awareness Campaign to foster sense of individual responsibility
Penetration into thousands of households through Green School Programme
Planned for the whole year to give students regular insight into the eco dynamics and overall challenges at global and regional level

Objectives of the Programme
Insight into eco-dynamics and overall challenges to the eco system
Broaden students' scope as a responsible custodian of valuable natural resources
Inculcate and foster civic responsibility/stewardship in students
Develop a sense of responsibility to reduce ecological footprint
Broaden the base of like-minded individuals who are members of WWF-Pakistan
Spellathon Booklets:
Features of the Programme
Energy Resources | Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) | Ecological Footprints | Environmental Law | Integrated Market Communications (IMC) | Eco Magazine | Solid Waste Management | Nature Photography | Environmental Economics | Sustainable Development | Green Businesses | Cleaner Techniques | Biological Diversity | Green Campuses |Photo Essay | Climate change | Documentary Making| Water Resource Management
Broaden students scope as responsible custodian of valuable natural resources
Inculcate and foster civic responsibility in students
Inculcate a habit of giving

Earth Hour
Cemented itself as the largest volunteer act since its inaugural in 2007.
Idea to save energy to build a more sustainable world.
Extra lights of public places, offices, buildings and monuments is switched off for one hour all across the world.
Nature Carnival
Successful since last 14 years in three major cities of Pakistan, Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi.
Means of reaching to the public to raise their awareness regarding the conservation for Natural Resources.

Corporate Sector Participation

Stages of the Programme
Registration and Enrollment
Interactive Sessions
Exposure Trip
Earth Hour Pakistan
WWF-Pakistan celebrated it's first Earth Hour in 2010.
Star powered event that attracts the youth and student body.
Certificate Distribution
Green School's Integral Parts
Benefits to Eco-Interns
Annual Individual Membership
Complementary passes to Events/Campaigns
Discounts on Eco Travel/ Panda Products
Annual get together of members
Free WWF Publication including Natura and Panda Post
Biweekly update on happenings from WWF-Pakistan
Covered by electronic, social and paper media.
3-D Environment Model Display Competition

3-D Model Exhibition displayed hard work and knowledge of our youth about the environmental challenges of Pakistan.

Activities in Traveling Nature Carnival
Events at Earth Hour
Orientation Sessions
Long queue of people of all age groups and their participation in each activity shows the interest of public in WWF Pakistan’s Nature Carnival.

Public Participation

Other Activities Of Nature Carnival
Arts Competition
Quiz Competition
And Much More
Pre-Launch in Green Schools
Candle Lighting Ceremony

Nature Carnival WWF-Pakistan
Prize & Certificate Distribution Among Schools and Students
The activity starts with the registration of schools and enrollment of students in Spellathon.
Spellathon booklets are dispatched to schools.
Teachers hand over the booklets to the students and a time of 2-3 weeks is given for preparation.
After the lapse of the preparation time teachers conduct the test, mark it, collect the donation from the students and send the results to WWF–Pakistan.
Against the result sheets the gifts are packed and dispatched to the schools.
Awareness Activities With Public & Private Students
Awareness Activities with Private Students
Awareness Activities with Public Students

GSP Events and Activities
Nation-wide environment spelling competition in schools for the past 16 years
The number of participants has increased from 25,000 students in 1996, to 1,25,000 all across Pakistan.
Valuable support from the corporate world
Earth Hour
Nature Carnival
Tree Plantation Drive
Eco Adventure
Story Time
Illuminating Building of Sponsor
Message of Celebrity / Song
Balloon Releasing Ceremony
Benefits to Students
Earth Hour Promo Screening
One year Individual Membership of WWF-Pakistan
Green Student Membership Card
Free access to WWF-Pakistan events
Opportunity to meet WWF- Celebrity Ambassador
Free Entry to Nature Carnival
Free Spellathon
Free Eco Internship
Discount on Retail Partner Brands and Panda Products
Opportunity to get affiliated with a global organization
Opportunity to be appreciated on radio and television
Face Painting
National Songs Singing
Lucky Draw for Picture with Celebrity
Message of CEO/MD of Sponsor Company
Pledge Ceremony
Shield Awarding Ceremony
National Anthem
Our Media Partner During the Hour
Celebration of Environment Days With Children
Earth Day
National Arts Competition
Let's Make Your Environment Footprint Green And Small
Thank You !

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