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Slenderman was originally created in a forum and evolved into a popular Internet monster.

Mark Judge

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Slenderman

Slenderman 1. Who is he? -Slenderman is an urban legend. He is said to have the build of a normal man, but it over nine feet tall and very skinny. -He wears a black suit and a black tie,and some say that he has more than two arms. -But most important, he bares no face. -The final picture? 2. Slenderman's Abilities -It appears that he walks slowly, but reports have been made of him dissapearing right before someone turns around. -He distorts technology around him, causing it to create static, corrupt files, delete data, and even turn off. This makes it difficult to gather proof of him. -Slenderman is known to cause amnesia as well, making people forget that they ever saw him. Some have reported not knowing anything they had done in the past few months. 3. What he does -Slenderman is said to follow people because he just wants to know them better. -Being that he has no face, people think of him as a freak. -He wants friends, but doesn't know how to communicate, so he just watches. -He's been found at parks, schools, houses, and deep in the woods. 4. Aggressive? -Slenderman is not a killer like many assume. Then why has he been reported to hurt people? -He doesn't like to be thinked of as a freak. When people insult him by screaming or running away from him, he gets agrivated and attacks them. -He also can create fog to help him hide from attackers and other people that look for him. -Sometimes hunters go out for Slenderman. He gets offended and take them far away from civilization and deep into the woods where they have to find there way back in the fog. 5. Why? -Remember that Slenderman can't communicate like a normal person does. -He wants to be like others, so he tries to make friends. -Sadly, no one has accepted him yet. -It seems that he likes children, maybe beacuse of how happy and friendly they seem. 6. Marble Hornets - A popular (fictional) series began on YouTube a little bit over a year ago. -It gained a lot of attention as a phycological horror film. -Instead of using jump scares, it used mind games to make the viewer feel alone and like they're being watched by the Slenderman. -Enough people watched it that they makers of it produced a DVD. -The storyline involves Alex, a film student, who makes a movie called "Marble Hornets". He stops production for unknown reasons. -His friend Jay takes the tapes from him after Alex claims he wants to burn them. -Jay looks at the tapes and sees odd footage. He wants to ask Alex about it but can't find him. It seems his house is abandoned. -After over 40 entries and extras, the plot has developed too much to explain. -But I can show you some of the first. You might want to know... According to Marble Hornets logic, Slenderman can also corrupt people to put them under his own control. Some of these clips will have these people, who will be wearing a mask over their face. This next one is taken much later. The protagonist, Jay, found a code for a safe. The man in the mask apparently doesn't want him to take the contents. 7. ToTheArk -ToTheArk is a YouTube account linked on to Marble Hornets. This person, suspected to be the man in the mask, uploads videos with secret messages hidden in them. -These codes involve distorted audio, binary code, sometimes just cold facts that the viewers needs to distingiush for theirselves. One, titled Broadcast, has a distorted audio file. Someone cleaned the audio file and posted a response. On Entry #39, Jay couldn't figure out who was outside his car. ToTheArk proved that it was him, the man in the mask. 8. EverymanHYBRID -A new series was started in inspiration of Marble Hornets. -EverymanHYBRID was a fitness porgram, however the makers were stalked by the Slenderman in the process of filming. -I personally found it very hard to follow do to the fact that there is about eight different accounts linked into one. -While it did have a nice story and acting, I wasn't interested in it much. 9. TribeTwelve -TribeTwelve is another Slenderman series, based off a cousin that died to Slenderman. -The main character tries to investigate the death of his cousin, Milo, and ends up getting involved into Slenderman as well. -Unlike any other series, he tries to single handedly defeat Slenderman instead of running. It was brave, but very stupid. -Sadly, I can't show any takes from EverymanHYBRID or TribeTwelve, because I'm making this Prezi for school, and both contain strong language. But for more info, you can visit these links.

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