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Underlining, Italics, and Quotation Marks

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Kylee Palmer

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Underlining, Italics, and Quotation Marks

When you are using a word processor, use italics.
The titles of
long works
are generally indicated by underlining or italic type.

However, there are other particular titles that involve underlines/italics that may be new to you.
Underlining and Italics
Key Concept 1
Underline or italicize the titles
of books and other long written works
of publications that are published as a single work
of plays
other works of art
Key Concept 5
Underline or italicize words that you wish to stress.

Example: Be sure to read the instructions
Air Force One
Key Concept 2
Underline or italicize the names of individual air, sea, space and land craft.

Example: The President arrived on
Air Force One
Underlining, Italics, and Quotation Marks
English III - Grammar
Underline or italicize foreign words or phrases
not yet accepted into English

Example: The French expression
mere de famile
means "mother of a family."

Some foreign words and phrases retain their foreign pronunciations but are no longer underlines or italicized because they are considered a part of our language.
Examples: amour, caveat, cliche, pizza, gourmet, etc. (additional words on page 735)
Key Concept 3
Key Concept 4
Underline or italicize numbers, symbols, letters, and words used as names for themselves.

Numbers: Is that a
or a

Symbols: Use a
after a direct question.

Letters: Sam has a weird way of writing his
's and

Words: She often uses
in her essays.
Use quotation marks for the following titles:

short written works
one act play
short poems (most poems in general)
book chapters
episodes of a series ("A)
parts of long musical compositions or collections
Quotation Marks
Underlining/Italicizing Specifics
We just finished reading
The Catcher in the Rye
in English class.
My favorite childhood magazine was
Nickelodeon Magazine
Western Courier
is WIU's campus newspaper.
Long Poems
Walt Whitman's epic poem
Song of Myself
is one of the greatest American poems.
Shailene Woodley is the star of the new blockbuster hit,
Musicals and Plays
The Book of Mormon
stars Daniel Radcliffe.
Works of Art
Starry Night
is one of the most well known pieces created by Van Gogh.
I bought a copy of Beyonce's new album titled
TV Programs
Did you watch the season finale of
The Walking Dead
last Sunday?
Operas and Symphonies
is a popular opera.
Two types of titles should not be underlines or enclosed in quotation marks.
Do not underline. italicize, or place in quotation marks the titles of government charters, alliances, treaties, acts, statutes, speeches, or reports.
Do not underline, italicize, or place in quotation marks around:
the name of the Bible
its books and divisions
versions of other holy scriptures, such as the Torah and the Koran.

Example: Could you read from Genesis in the Old Testament?
Titles Without Underlining or Quotation Marks
All Star by Smash Mouth
In- Class Activity
In the upcoming slides, I will provide an image of a work in which you must use in a sentence.

You will be responsible for determining whether the title is underlined, put in quotation marks, or left alone.
The book of Matthew in the Bible.
7. Create a sentence using a poem of your choice.

8. Create a sentence using a magazine of your choice.

9. Create a sentence using the number 4 as a name for itself.

10. Create a sentence using a TV show of your choice. (You may also add an episode title for a chance at extra credit.)
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