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period 3 frazee

No description

maryann carroll

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of period 3 frazee

Are monsters real?
Finding those monsters includes lots of research and much needed science. They may be fake. For many of these so called "monsters" there is no picture or visual evidence. science is still trying to find complete evedence for these creatures
There are many different types of monsters. There's the Yeti,(abonable snowman) Were wolfs, Bigfoot,including the sasquatch,Nessie, more known as the Loch Ness Monster,and the Chubracabra,(spanish for goat sucker) are the most well known "monsters."
Do you think monsters are real? Well if you do you think of the ones that hide under your bed at night or the ones from your childhood. Well there might be some real monsters out there! But not the ones you think. They look like this.
The Yeti is known to live in the mountian range in Asia called the Himalayians. The valleys below the mountians are where the beast roams though. The Yeti may have attacked a local girl that was tending her yak one night. The creature started to take her away when the girl screamed and frightened the Yeti. It let her go but took two of her yak.
According to stories told mostly in Europe, were wolfs change from human to wolf. But this may just be a unknown type of rabis. Science has not found anything yet. It is known for were wolfs to form on women or girls.
One of the most famous "monsters" are the sasquatches and bigfoot. For centeries people have said to have seen a large hair invested man looking beast that roam the forest of North America. Bigfoot is said to be 800lbs to 1000lbs and 7 to 8 ft tall. They are also known to travel in groups.
Nessie is a marvelous creature that swept the headlines in Europe for many years. It is seen in the waters of Loch Ness in Scotland. Nessie may be a plesiosar said to gone extinct millions of years ago. People still try to see her to this day.
The chupacraba roams the sothwest U.S., Mexico and most of Central America. It is known to kill livestock and suck the blood from the animals. The figure of the creature is said to look like a dog, and the teeth of a bat. Again, we do not know completly about the monster.
As you know see, we do not have alot of research to prove that anyone of these monsters are even real! Yet we still belive in these creatures.
"World Book"(2006) http://worldbookonline.com




presented by: Melissa Frazee
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