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Shalini Mody

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Jazz

By: Shalini M., Israh A., and Bushra G.

.Prohibition Act (18th amendment)
.Started in "Speakeasies"
.Avoid detection of alcohol
.Need for entertainment
.lesser-known musicians (cheap)
.Radio station
.First phonographic recordings of jazz
.Competition between cities
.America's 1st multi-racial mainstream genres
Famous Jazz Artists
.Fletcher Henderson
.Paul Whiteman
.Duke Ellington
.Kid Ory
.Louis Armstrong
.Joe Oliver
.Earl Hines
.Bix Beiderbecke
.Jelly Roll Morton
Fletcher Henderson
Smack Henderson
December 18, 1897- December 29, 1952
.American Pianist
.Big Band Jazz
.Swing music
Paul Whiteman
Duke Ellington
Joseph Nathan Oliver
Louis Armstrong
The king of Jazz (honorific)
March 28, 1890 - December 29, 1967
.American bandleader (popular)
.Orchestral director
."Wang Wang Blues"
."Mississippi Mud"
."Wonderful One"
.American Composer
.Bandleader of Jazz Orchestras
.Cotton Club
."American Music"
.Juan Tizol's "Caravan" and "Perdido"
April 29, 1899 - May 24, 1974
.Jazz trumpeter
.Influential figure
.Cornet player
.One of the first African American entertainers to "cross over"
August 4, 1901 - July 6, 1971
King Oliver/Joe Oliver
December 19, 1881 - April 10, 1938
.Jazz Cornet player
.Known for: Playing style & Mutes in Jazz
."Dippermouth Blues", "Sweet Like This", "Canal Street Blues"
.Louis Armstrong's mentor
.New Orleans
.Roots: Traditional African and European music
.Port city

What is Jazz?
.Unique sounds

The Jazz Age
.Jazz music and dance emerged
.Emerge in Cultures
.American Culture
.Blacks and Whites
.Rich and Poor
Bar Owners

Outlet of rebellion
Freedom in language, clothing, and behavior
Gain jobs
Respect: step towards equality

KKK--- about 4 million members
African Americans = not true "Americans"
Civil Rights movement in 1960s
Popularity & Music --> promote racial inequality and social justice
Plantation like feel
Ann Shaw Faulkner
Opposed spread of Jazz
Voodoo dance
Influencing people to do bad deeds
W.E.B Dubois
Negro Black Music = below classical standards
End of 1920s
60 communities
Laws that prohibited Jazz in public halls
Breaking away from traditional values
Flowering of black culture in mass media
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May 6, 2015
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