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UCF Math Placement Exam

No description

Meena Datta

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of UCF Math Placement Exam

UCF Math Placement Exam
Math Placement Exam? Seriously?
Required for all UCF Students taking upper level math courses

Course Sequencing
MAC 2311 MAC 2312 MAC 2313 MAP 2302
I'm a math genius, do I really have to take the Math Placement Test?
Advanced Placement (AP)
International Baccalaureate (IB)
Dual Enrollment (DE)
What should I Do Now?
Almost done...
Plan Ahead (study plans/practice tests)
Welcome to the College of Engineering and Computer Science at UCF!
MAT 1033 MAC 1105 MAC1140 MAC 1114
MAC 2311 MAC 2312 MAC 2312 MAP 2302
Specific earned credit
be used for placement
Registration occurs during Orientation
Earned Credit must be posted to UCF records
All students need to take Math Placement Exam!
AP, IB, DE scores/grades are not always what we expect
Math Placement Results are used to place students into math courses when UCF does not have record of earned credit
Math Placement Exam should always be taken seriously!
Schedule Math Placement Time!
Practice Tests
Should be completed prior to attending Orientation
OK, Now I'm Nervous What Can I Expect?

College Algebra

College Trigonometry

College Precalculus
College Algebra
Practice test (35%)
Practice test (35%)
Individualized Study Plan
Practice test (70%)
Although you can test after recieving a 35% on the practice test, it is recommended that you complete study plans and test only after receiving a 70% on the practice test
Unlimited attempts allowed for practice test

Only 1 attempt allowed for actual test
College Trigonometry
& College Precalculus
No Practice Test Required
Practice test
Individualized Study Plan
Practice Test (70%)
Let's Review!
(25 Questions 1 hr 45 mins)
(15 Questions 1hr 15 mins)
College Algebra
Practice Test and
Study Plan
College AlgebraTest
College Trigonometry Practice exam and Study Plan
College Precalculus Practice exam and Study Plan

Should score at least 70% on practice test before taking the Test!
College Trigonometry Test
College Precalculus Test
Calculus 1 Placement
Test (prior to Orientation)
More Information www.utc.sdes.ucf.edu/math/
We're looking forward to seeing you at Orientation!
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