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Sir Bedivere

No description

Jason Wu

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Sir Bedivere

Sir Bedivere
Sir Bedivere
Sir Griflet
Sir Lucan
Latin Name
Welsh Name
Bedwyr Bedrydant "of the Perfect Sinews"
Muscular Person
French Name
Knighthood Event
Chases his wife on horse
Believes she is an adulteress
Tries to kill his wife
Lancelot is about to kill Bedivere
Bedivere begs for mercy
Lancelot lets Bedivere go
Lancelot later knights Bedivere
Bedivere joins the Round Table
Lancelot witnesses Bedivere chasing his wife
Tries to stop Bedivere from killing her
Bedivere tricks Lancelot into looking away and decapitates his wife
Before Knighthood
Possibly lived with his father and brother in the castle of the Royal House of Finddu, since his father could have been a prince
Helps Arthur and Sir Kay fight the Giant of Mont Saint-Michel
Helps Arthur fight in the war against Emperor Lucius of the Roman Empire
Also participates in Arthur's other campaigns for land
Becomes one-handed after losing the other hand in battle, but was known to be extremely swift with a sword
In the Battle of Camlann, the final battle against Mordred, Bedivere and Arthur are the sole survivors
Arthur, in his last moments, tells Bedivere to return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake
Bedivere reluctantly throws the sword in the lake after Arthur tells him to three times, afraid it would be lost forever
The Lady of the Lake's hand rises, catches the sword, and returns into the water
Knight Life
One of the earliest knights of the Round Table
Was Arthur's butler/right hand man
Close friend of Sir Kay
Known as the most handsome knight at Arthur's Round Table
Made Duke of Neustria(Normandy) by Arthur
Bedivere with Arthur after the final battle
Bedivere throwing Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake
Date of Birth
circa 495 AD
Also could have died earlier in one of Arthur's campaigns
Died living in a hermitage as a hermit after Arthur's death
Arthur and Guenever were believed to be buried together in or near this hermitage
Buried in Alld Tryvan, believed to be Din-Dryfan/Dunraven Castle in Morgannwg
Arthur giving Bedivere Excalibur
Bedivere at the lake with Excalibur
Lover and Marriage
Had no specific story on his lover or marriage
Had a nameless wife in TOAFK whom he killed
Quest for the Holy Grail
His part in the Grail Quest is currently unknown
In the 1975 movie, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," Sir Bedivere is shown searching for the Holy Grail in the quest with Arthur and other knights
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Known as Sir Bedevere the Wise
A master of odd and false logic
Joins Arthur on the quest after demonstrating his "wisdom"

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