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Adolf Hitler

Hitler research project

Sabrina King

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler
Alois Hitler was born on June 7, 1837 and died on January 3, 1903. Alois was a Austrian civil servant. He served in semi-military professions of customs official. After 5 years of service (1860), he reached the rank of "Finanzwatch-Oberaufseher", which is a revenue guard superintendent. In 1863, he began serving in Linz, Austria. Then he became a inspector of customs at Braunauam Inn in 1875. Later he became a full inspector of customs. Alois Hitler died in the morning of January 7. He went for his morning drink of wine and promptly collapsed and died. Alois was known to have a very bad temper and was often
cruel to Adolf.
Teenage years
and mid adulthood
In 1905, Hitler decided to live his life as a bohemian (the practice of a unconventional life style) in Vienna, selling paints and such art supplies, including some of his own paintings. He had applied for the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, but got rejected twice. They recommended him studying architecture, but because of him not finishing high school, he lacked the academic credentials. That's when he ranout of money and lived in a homeless shelter. While he lived in Vienna, he saw a lot of religious prejudice and racism. There, he developed a admiration for Martin Luther, a german monk who strongly believed that Jews were horrible, and became a antagonist towards them.
Hitlers participation
in the German army
When Hitler was 24 years old, he moved out of Vienna to Munich. When he was 25, both the Austria-Hungary and German empire got involved in WWI. Hitler was then holding Austrian Citizenship, but asked for permission to serve in the Bavarian army on August 1914, and was given permission to join. He then began putting his German National ideas together (those of which he developed at a very young age). Hitler first was a shooter, or a Schütze, then was promoted to the rank of Gefreiter (lance corporal). Hitler's main job was as a message runner. On the 18 of October, Hitler was temporarily blinded, twice. While he was in the hospital, he said : "When I was confined to bed, the idea came to me that I would liberate Germany, that I would make it great. I knew immediately
that it would be realized." He had said that he had the
power to change Germany.
Third Reich is the common name for Germany the during Nazi dictatorship under Adolf Hitler(1933-1945). Hitler helped make the Third Reich happen.

The Weimar Republic is the name of a government in 1919, Germany. Welmar was the name of the city in which the assembly took place. This was the previous government until Hitler took over (Third Reich).

The German Workers Party (aka DAP) was like a short-lived pre-Nazi party. It was created by a small political group right after WWI. Hitler joined this party, and became their main speaker, usually involved in electoral speeches. This party was later renamed the Nazi Party.

Mein Kampf (My Struggle) is an autobiography and political theory by Adolf Hitler, published published 1925. The second book was published 1926. they described his future plans for Germany and political ideology. Hitler wrote this while in prison, after the Beer Hall Putsch. (A failed attempt for power by Hitler and the Nazi Party).
Hitlers Opinion on Jews, how did he come to see them
Hitler had many many views on the Jews. Hitlers opinion was that jews were a repulsive, ugly, subversive race, not equal to the Germans. He thought their main aim was to take over the world. It is believed that Hitlers main goal was to eradicate (destroy) Christianity in Germany, though he was in fact born and baptized into christianity. The adult Hitler did not believe in the Judeo-Christian God. His final religious position was known as Deism. Deism was that you must study the creation of the world, only then can you name a creator. Hitler supported the idea that in the Gospel Jesus was a Aryan, and Paul was a Jew that had falsified Jesus message. Deutsche Christen was the Church that he supported because they had that idea. Hitler came to hate the Jews from his time in
Vienna, where there was a lot of racism.
Adolf Hitler
True Name ~ Adolf Hitler
Birth ~ April 20, 1889
Death ~ April 30, 1945

Born in Braunau am Inn, Austria
Hitler's childhood
Hitler was born on April 20, 1889. As a infant, he lived in a town near Austria-Hungary, on the edge of Bavaria, Germany. When he was three, his family moved to Passau. In 1894, his family relocated to Leonding. He went to school to "Catholic Benedictine". Then he attended "Realschule", but had very low grades. Since he did not enjoy school, he never even finished highschool. Adolf wasn't very social when he was a kid, and hardly made any friends.
How This Lead to Hitlers power
Hitler's rise of power started September 1919, when he joined DAP or the German Workers Party. During that time, with the help of Anton Drexler, he became chief of propaganda for the party in 1920. So, he then was one of the more powerful members in the party. Hitlers book, Mein Kampf, introduced him to a wider audience, showing more people this thoughts and philosophies. In the mid-1920's, the party got involved in electoral battles, with Hitler as speaker, which made their party more known and powerful. Hitler and the Nazi Party tried once to take over, The Beer Hall Putsch. They failed, sentencing Hitler to 5 years in prison, which is when he wrote Mein Kampf. Hitler got out after only 9 months and during that time the Weimar Republic wasn't doing good, the economy was bad, causing the government to appear weak. This gave Hitler and his party the opportunity to take over, starting the Third Reich. On January 30, 1933, Hitler was appointed chancellor. Hitler used this high rank and soon became the Führer and Reichskanzler (leader and Reich Chancellor). This officially happened when Germany's president died in 1934.
How did he Die?
who was Eva Braun?
Adolf Hitler died of suicide April 30, of 1945. He was 56. It is said that Hitler died because he shot himself. But other theories are that he poisoned himself. Eva Braun was working as an assistant and model for Hitler's photographer. She was 17 when Hitler met her. By 1936, Eva Braun was part of Hitler's household and spent WWI there and was safe. Hitler had seen her for a while and they got married April 29, a day before they died. Eva Braun died by suicide also, of cyanide. Eva was only 33 when she committed suicide. After commiting suicide, their bodies were burned.
My Thoughts on Hitler
My thoughts on Hitler are many. I often wonder why he wanted to destroy a entire race. The man was a murderer, killing innocent people-the Jews. He had no right in judging the Jews and killing them just because of their religion. Not anyone could of done what he did, he was he greatest military and political leader of Germany. He was a horrible person, but he was very smart. He could manipulate words and entire speeches, and used that to gain power over Germany. He was a coward, killing himself and wife so that the British could not get him. Hitler was a Dictator, which speaks for itself. Despite all of this I believe Hitler was incredibly intelligent and powerful man, but a horrible and evil one
Klara Hitler was born on August 12, 1860 and died December 21, 1907. Her religion was Roman Catholic. Klara served as a house maid for Alois Hitler until his second wife died, she then became his wife. Klara Hitler died on December 21, due to breast cancer. One day she felt a a pain in her chest. Turns out it was a tumor. She got many treatments from her doctor Edward Bloch, but died because of the toxic medicinal side effects. When Klara died, Adolf was devastated, he had good memories and enjoyed being with his mother.
Germany's Most Powerful Leader
Hitler personally designed the swastika, and had a very feared meaning all through Germany.
Background music- Heut' war ich Bei Frida
by: Jack Hylton 1930
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