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Thales of Miletus

"Father of Science," the "Founder of Abstract Geometry," and the "First Philosopher."

maysaimui presentation

on 9 January 2016

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Transcript of Thales of Miletus

Thales of Miletus
by Mui 9 Mars
Name: Thales
Life: 624 - 546 bc
Work: Scientist and mathematician
Predict birth of solar eclipse correctly
Teach people to calculate the height of pyramid in Egypt and marine
Relay knowledge from Egypt to Greece.
Geometry theory.
5 Geometry theorem
1. Circle is bisected by any diameter
2. Base of isosceles triangle are equal in magnitude
3. The opposite angle of two intersecting straight line are equal
4.Two triangles are congruent if they have
5. A triangle in a semicircle is right angle
Thankyou for your attention:)
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