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Basis School - Havasupai Trip

No description

Grand Classroom

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Basis School - Havasupai Trip

Basis Tucson
Meet guides at Basis School for departure

Depart from school for Sedona, AZ

Box lunch en route

Grasshopper Point

Slide Rock State Park
(time permitting)

Free time and dinner in Sedona

Depart for Peach Springs

Check into hotel

Hotel Hualapai Lodge

Meet with guides to prepare for Havasupai

Breakfast at camp

Break into groups of 5 -
7 people per group to
explore the Canyon

Swim at Havasu and
Mooney Falls

Lunch at the falls

Exploration around the
Havasupai Reservation

Dinner at camp

Sleep under the stars or
in tents
Day Three
Builds Confidence

Encourages Leadership

Creates Friendships

Provides Educational Experiences Outside the Classroom

Promotes Stewardship of the Environment

Teaches Team-Building

Instills Independence

Offers Adventure
Benefits of Student Travel
All Transportation
Medical Insurance
Entrance Fees
Register directly with Grand Classroom
Trip Insurance Available
Monthly Payment Options
Professional guides with group throughout duration of trip

Day Two
Check out of hotel

Depart for Havasupai

Breakfast en route to
trail head

Arrive at trail head in
early morning - hike
ten miles to the

Arrive at campground
and set up camp

Swim at Havasu Falls

Dinner at camp

Sleep under the stars or
in tents

Day Four
Camp breakfast

Explore Upper and
Lower Navajo Falls

Lunch at the falls

Dinner at camp

Sleep in tents or under
the stars

Day Five

Early breakfast and
prepare to hike out of

Lunch at trail head
Depart for ten mile hike
out of canyon

Depart for Grand
Canyon National Park
Enter Grand Canyon
National Park - South

Drive along the South
Rim of the park

Desert View

Depart for Tuscon, AZ

Dinner in route

10:00 PM Arrive at
Basis School

Hope to see you out West...
Day One
Havasupai Trip
June 1 - June 5, 2015
Hans Hutchinson
All Inclusive...
How to Register

Online at:

Click "Find my trip/Register"
Search: "Basis Tucson"



1(800) 839-6424

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