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Case Study

No description

Kwame Ampadu-B.

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Case Study

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Greenhouse Effect In the green house effect the sun sends rays of light known as radiation to Earth's surface. When the radiation is slowly released into space a lot of it remains because of greenhouse gases such as CO2. Radiation remains because greenhouse gases trap it. The greenhouse effect is one reason why there is global warming. Global Warming, How Real it is A Great Prezi By Carlos and Kwame The Intro In this prezi you will learn about global warming and its causes(I know you think global warming is myth but it real Da-Da- Daaaaaaaaaa). The denotation for Global warming is "the gradual increase in the temperature of the earth's atmosphere". Here are some possible causes:
-The biggest is human activity
-Carbon dioxide is a big part of global warming.
-Greenhouse gases cause global warming.
-Sun rays radiation.
-The temperature of Earth is increasing.
-Polar areas are melting.
-It also cause discomfort to animals fur. How Humans Effect the Environment Humans have affected the environment in many different ways. One of them is because of industry consistently polluting the Ozone layer, damaging its structure and letting more radiation affect to us. Another problem is we use too much aerosols. Chlorofluorocarbons in these aerosols damage the ozone layer. We also depend on fossil fuels too much to accomplish our basic needs. Cite: http://www.elmhurst.edu/~chm/vchembook/globalwarmA4.html Weather Global warming makes weather patterns hotter. It can cause stronger hurricanes and heavier rainfall. Global warming can cause heat waves and increases the temperature between 4 and 11 degrees Fahrenheit every century. Floods, worse allergies, and droughts will also happen more often because of global warming. Global warming will cause climate change over time. Ethics,Politics, and Economics There are many issues when it comes to global warming. There are economic issues such as cutting back on fossil fuels. How we use factories is also an important subject. Politics are also involved in global warming. Sometimes there are petitions and arguments. There are many decisions to make and each decision has a different outcome. People have to make hard decisions about global warming. One example of global warming ethics and politics is the Kyoto Protocol. Geochemical Cycles The definition for geochemical cycle is the movement of matter through a system. This can relate to global warming because of the way radiation and different gases move through the atmosphere. The geochemical cycle is a part of global warming. WE DONT LIKE IT A Few Wise Words From Kwame We humans need to try to stop this. We need to stop worrying about the next game update ( Which I heard is very good) and what she did to get her to do this. We need to learn about how to stop this because we can't play this great new update if we aren't able to live on the planet, we can't talk about what she did( Which she never does) if we will probably die. We are in STEM if can and we should try to stop this.
That is it and read how you can prevent global warming and try it. I know Yellow a Kwame Color G GP = Great Prezi Kyoto Treaty The Kyoto treaty is a treaty that would help us on global warming problems. If it is approved the Kyoto treaty will limit the amount of fossil fuels we use. Fossil like oil and coal would be limited. The treaty will reduce greenhouse gases by 10%. If this treaty is ratifies hopefully we will see an improvement in global warming. Carbon dioxide is one of the main things the that is wanted to be reduced. The treaty will be a big step in helping the world with the problem of global warming. The Petition The petition against the Kyoto treaty has many reasons why it would be a bad idea to pass the treaty. They think that the ideas in the treaty have many problems. This petition says that the limits on greenhouse gases would hurt the environment. Science and technology wouldn't advance as much as it should because with a limit on the use of fossil fuels the wouldn't be able to do much. Health and welfare would also apparently be affected negatively. According to this petition the Kyoto treaty will not have a good outcome. Conclusion We think that this treaty should be ratified. The petition is wrong. The environment won't be harmed. If anything the environment will be healthier because one of the main problems in this world is greenhouse gases. Our planet needs to improve because sooner or later humans won't exist. We don't need to advance in technology more than we need to live. If we can't get this petition to be ratified global warming will get worse and we get less of a chance to improve the world. We will be better off if we sign the treaty rather than veto it. Pros for signing the Petition Pros:
- Of course heat goes down( If you didn't know that where have you been)

- Severe weather may go down

- The world will not turn to a water field planet

- Animal may not feel discomfort in their fur

- A better life for next gen. Cons for signing Petition Cons:
- May cost lot of money and time to adapt

- Not everyone will do it

- May just be natural and we can do nothing about it Who know maybe this is what killed the Dinos

- We use fossil fuel in our everyday life This why you should not sign
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