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It is a presentation on a technique called light painting through which interesting photographs with lights in magical forms can be created.

Shruti Ramteke

on 31 October 2012

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Painting with light is a fun technique that
gives great results. It is called painting
with light because this is what you
are actually doing while taking
the shot - painting with light. Things required... * a nice tripod * A flash light * A dark location Here is how it's done: Set your camera on the tripod and take a
sample shot with flash / lights on.
This will help you verify that
your composition is OK. Set the exposure to a relatively long
value. Stop down the aperture as much
as you need. If you are outside do
nothing. If you are inside - this is the
time to turn off the lights. Make the click. Once the shutter is
open use your flashlight to light the
stuff that you want to "paint". You
can use the flashlight as a brash,
and "smear" the light, just like you
would have done with brush and
paper. Or, you can use the light as a pen,
and do precise work. Areas where you go slowly will be more lit then others. Be careful not to linger to much over the same stop - you will burn it. Once the shutter closes, you are a free person again. Inspect your image and make corrections. That's all we need to do for having beautiful light painting images.... WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY
LIGHT PAINTING All the Best.....!!!! * camera capable
of long exposures By: Shruti H. Ramteke
Reg. No. : 11387018
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