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James Rizzi

No description

Callen Zemek

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of James Rizzi

James Rizzi
By: Callen Zemek &
Nuntida Phetnongphay

Background Information
James Rizzi was born in Brooklyn, New York on October 5th, 1950
Rizzi studied art at the University of Florida in 1970
After returning to New York, James Rizzi sold artwork in front of the Museum of Modern Art and first made his names as a street artist
James was very famous for developing 3D artwork
Rizzi died in his sleep in New York City, New York on December 26th, 2011
Artwork Facts
People say Rizzi's art work is childish by the vibrant colors, straight and perpendicular lines
James Rizzi uses different shapes like circles, squares and triangles
Rizzi used simple patterns like strips and checkerboard
Tiny designs, like spirit guts, are hidden inside his artwork
The Impact on America and it's art
A quote from Alexander Lieventhal
"Any child can look at his art work and understand what he's trying to convey: a celebration of life."
The impact James Rizzi put on America is the
developing of pop art. Pop art is a form of art that depicts objects or scenes from everyday life and employs techniques of commercial art and popular illustration.
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