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Things That We Use Math For In Everyday Life

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Conner Choma

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Things That We Use Math For In Everyday Life

Things That We Use Math For In Everyday Life
In Work as a Accountant
At work my Mom needs to make sure she calculates revenue and cash correctly, she then needs to pay her employees.
Balance the Checkbook
When my Mom pays bills she needs to make sure we have enough money.She subtracts our payments from our funds or income and makes sure we have money left over.
Counting Calories in Food
My Mom uses addition to count the calories in all her food. She tries to stay under 1,800 calories.
Counting the Numbers of Miles to get Destinations and Time
Knowing that it takes about 60 minutes to travel 60 miles, my Mom calculates how long it would take her to get to an appointment or work.
Did you ever realize that you use math to help with your everyday life? Most people do the simplest math without even realizing it. There are a lot of examples that math could help you live your everyday life. I picked my Mom to do seven examples that she uses math for in her everyday life after I do my seven examples that help me.

Cooking or Baking
Whenever I bake or cook something I always have to
measure the correct ingredients so the recipe doesn't
go wrong. Measuring is a very important thing to know
from math that helps you cook or bake.
Feeding Pets
If you have a pet you should know how much food
you should give it. Using measuring cups like 1/2 a cup of food helps you give it the right amount.
Your Schedule
When I plan out my schedule I have to make sure the times of my different activities don't interfere with each other. If I was going to do the laundry it would take 20 minutes but it would interfere with my football practice because it starts 10 minutes after the laundry.
Weighing Food Items
Every once in a while I would weigh food in Shop Rite to see how much money it is. Sometimes a pound can cost $5.00. If my Dad wants to buy two pounds I would try to put two pounds on the scale. I would keep on adding the kind of food on the scale until it is two pounds. Then I would do two times $5.00.
Playing Monopoly
When you play Monopoly you count up money and use money to buy places. You have to carefully buy and save your money to win the game. You have to use a lot of math to win.
Buying Lunch
Whenever I buy lunch at school or at different stores I always count the money to make sure I have enough to buy. Sometimes I also make sure I get the correct change back by subtracting the price of the food I got from the money I had.
When I watch some sort of sport I think to myself, "The other team needs two points to win and one point to tie." You can easily find this out by subtracting or multiplying.
Monitoring Stock Prices
My Mom and Dad invest money in the stock market. They monitor the movement to maximize their money.
Measuring Detergent for the Laundry
When my Mom or Dad do the laundry they need to
measure how much detergent they need to use to wash
our clothes. Our loads vary because we have 6 people in the house.
Figuring How Much Money
I Save With Coupons.
My Mom and Dad cut out coupons every week when shopping. They subtract the coupon savings from the price of the product the figure out their cash savings.
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