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The Holocaust

No description

Hannah Hancock

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of The Holocaust

The Holocaust
What was it like in concentration camps ?
by: Hannah Hancock and Lawrence Gouldborne
- Location: all across Europe
- Time: 1933-1945
- Targeted People: Jewish, Slavic, Romani, homosexuals, disabled civilians, POWs (Prisoners of War), political opponents of Nazi Germany, Jehovah's Witness
- Style of Attack: Genocide
- Deaths: 10,500,000-12,000,000
Concentration Camps
-The first camp was called Dachau, and opened in March 1933
(Holokaustos in Greek, which also means "the catastrophe")
-There were 40,000 camps in total
-The camps stretched as far as Greece and North Africa
-Prisoners had to start unimaginable work as soon as they arrived
Concentration Camps
-The camps were designed to annihilate them
-Prisoners were organized based on nationality
-Victims with a higher social status were rewarded with more desirable work
-The largest concentration camp
-It was located near Krakow, Poland
-More than one million people were killed
-The gas chambers could hold 2,000 people at once
-Victims who weren't killed immeadiatly had their heads shaved and their registration numbers were tattooed on their arms
-Men wore striped pants and jackets
-Women wore work dresses
-Barracks had no windows, insulation, bathrooms, or actual beds
-Big companies like I.G Farben and Barvarian Motor Works (BMW) wanted the prisoners to work for them under cheap labor
-Escaping was also nearly impossible- the barbed-wire fences were charged with electricity and the guards were armed with machine guns and automatic rifles, sniping in the watchtowers
-"Medical experiments" were performed on the victims, including children; Dr. Josef Mengele gave painful treatments to dwarves, children, and twins to try and find cures to diseases for German soldiers
-Most people only survived for a few weeks or months
-They would die in the gas chambers or electricute themselves on the barbed-wire fences
Info- Ushmm.com
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