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Building a COIL program: the SUNY-Oswego experience

No description

John Kane

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Building a COIL program: the SUNY-Oswego experience

Building a COIL program:
the SUNY Oswego experience

March 2011: Provost Clemo and 3 faculty attended COIL conference
Fall 2012-Spring 2013 - two courses were developed
Fall 2013 - Course development begins for 6 additional courses offered during Spring 2014 semester
Many local workshops
Presentations by SUNY COIL Center
How did we get so many classes?
Path to Completion
Kickoff Meeting and Schedule Development
Final Review and 1st stipend approval
Instructional Design Support
Internal vs. external tools
Management and Access to Student Record
Communication of Support Resources
Direct Technical Support
Pedagogical Support
Communication Models
Project Formation
Alignment with COIL Goals
Overall Oswego Quality
The Faculty Journey
Administrative support (to be discussed by Provost Clemo)
How does COIL connect to our Internationalization goals?
How did Administration Support COIL?
Establish strategic direction
Engage leadership
Argue robustly
Reward the doers

Supports wider access and opportunity

Penetrates curriculum to integrate intercultural / international experiences

Promotes technological adoption
Teaching Intercultural Communication
Attended COIL Conference
Partnered - University of Antwerp
Support from the Provost
Meetings with John Kane and Doug Hemphill
Development, delivery, observation log
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