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Analysis of Katy Perry - Firework

No description

Sarah Laura Deven

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Analysis of Katy Perry - Firework

Analysis of Katy Perry - Firework
Genre Characteristics
The Pop Genre characteristics within this music video are the bright colours such as the purple hair which Katy Perry has, the well done make up, the fancy costume she has.
The other genre characteristics that are found within this music video are the fireworks that go off and also the party scenes and the fast paced editing that goes along with it.
Relationship between lyrics and visuals
"ignite the light and let it shine" - A light starts from her and starts to shine out.

"cause baby you're a firework" - There are many fireworks going off at this point.

"as you shoot across the sky" - Firework's start shooting across the sky.

Relationship between Music and Visuals
As the song starts the music video is just showing the singer on top of a building just singing, and in the slower parts of the video there are people just sat, worried in a world of their own. Then as the song gets in to the chorus and the tempo rises fireworks start going off and people start moving and facing their fears.
Close Ups of the Artist
The close ups of the artist in this video is just a close up of her signing the song either when she is on top of the building or when she walking down the street or dancing in the end.
Reference to looking
In this music video the reference to looking is when we are watching the actors feeling scared and vulnerable and self conscious then watching them get enough courage to do what they want to do whether it be jump in the pool or shout at their parents. We feel we are watching their lives through a spy cam.
The intertextuality within the music video relates to the American Indepence day where America was free'd. It shows that these people in the video are also being free'd from themselves. This day takes place on the 4th July where it's famous for fireworks going off.
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