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A project for my school :P

Emily Esselmont

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Ogopogo

Other Stuff
the firstwassighting people were 15-20 feet away
settlers moved to Lake Okanagan around 1860
in 1967 there was a sighting made by 20 people at lake Okanagan
Where? When?
lives in British Columbia in Lake Okanagan and Lake Champlain
There are three monsters named after the Ogopogo: Manipogo, Igopogo, and Winnipogo
Manipogo lives in Lake Manitobia
Igopogo lives in Lake Dauphin
Winnipogo lives in Lake Winnipeosis
The Ogopogo is a very dark, dull gray
it has a humped back
it has a long neck
a beard, horns, and a mane
The Ogopogo's name became N'ha-a-itk or Naitaka which means "lake demon"
The Ogopogo moves in a snake like fashion
The Ogopogo was named after a parody of an English music hall song
A Sighting?
Where we got our information
Dawn.com (website)
Lake Monsters (book)
Okanaganvacationguide.com (website)
Dinopedia (website)
Seamonsters.org (website)
Strange & Unexplained Happenings #3 (book)
Unexplaned! (book)
Why? Theories/ Explanations
In 1914- strange like animal washed up on Lake Champlain
believed to be 5-6 feet long
believed to weigh more than four hundred pounds
cousin to Nessie
First sighting by Europeans
The Ogopogo's mother is an earwig and its father is a whale
Suggested it may be a Basilosaurus
Any Questions??
Thank you for watching
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