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Data Talks 2013-2014

Baltimore Principals' Meeting

Jacqueline Stephenson

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Data Talks 2013-2014

Data Talks 2013-2014 Jacqueline Story Stephenson
Date Goals for Data Talks Analyze student performance data and plan instruction so that students continue to achieve at higher and higher levels.
Teachers self-facilitate through the eight steps of the DataWise cycle to ensure that instructional strategies address gaps in students’ learning, and that the use of those strategies is monitored to ensure students’ progress.
Teachers consistently frame their data conversations around a problem of practice in order to determine the root causes for their data.
Data is shared within teams, within schools, and with students in data talks. Structures for Data Collection, Analysis, and Planning Facilitation
Common Interim Assessments
Teacher Support Log
Virtual Progress Monitoring Facilitation Teams willl meet by grade-level or by content at least every other week.
Data Coach will plan a scope and sequence for the year, as well as a variety of protocols that teams can utilize.
Data talks will initially be facilitaed by Data Coach, and move into co-facilitation with a teacher by September and October. By the second quarter, teachers will facilitate data talks. Common Interim Assessments Every six weeks, all Friendship schools will give common interim assessments.
Content-based teams of teachers (selected based on content knowledge and data talk buy-in) will write end of year assessments, and professionally develop all other teachers in order to write the remaining common interim assessments.
Interim assessment data will be analyzed during data talks. JumpRope JumpRope is an online standards-based gradebook.
All assignments entered into JumpRope must be aligned to an academic or character objective.
Common Core standards are pre-loaded into the gradebook
JumpRope organizes data into standards-based reports, making analysis easy for students, teachers, coaches, and leadership.
JumpRope, like PTG, has family-access. Teacher Support Log To better monitor and share the support we give teachers, a teacher support log will document all support given to a teacher.
The teacher support log serves as a snapshot for leaders to view the latest action taken by coaches for all teachers, and more detailed pages that show all support given to teachers throughout the year.
The teacher support log will be shared with leadership and coaches to keep communication up to date and to plan professional development based on the demonstrated needs of teachers.
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ajek_kMihq4JdGRENFNVODdITEI0Z2lJcTBQbW9EUXc&usp=sharing Data Talk Team Progress A DataWise swoosh will be shared by each school, with online post-it notes to update the latest progress of a team.
Designated team members will update their team post-it with brief notes, which are then shared with all coaches and leadership team members at a specific school.
The Data Coach will monitor team and school progress, and use these notes to determine which data talks to attend, co-facilitate, or facilitate.
http://www.stixy.com/guest/266019 Next year, we will build teacher capacity to lead data talks by streamlining our tracking/grading methods in JumpRope, transitioning into full teacher facilitation, and analyzing shared data from common interim assessments.
The use of the DataWise swoosh and Teacher Support Log will help leadership and coaches to consistently respond to teachers' needs. Wrap Up
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