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Symbolism and Motif: The Happy Prince

No description

Kassandra Galaviz

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Symbolism and Motif: The Happy Prince

Symbolism and Motif: The Happy Prince
Friendship is a Motif for the story due to the recurring help of the swallow sacrificing his time and the princes items to the less fortunate.
The Princes Lead Heart
The Princes lead Heart symbolizes Immortality. This is because when the Happy Prince is being melted they could not melt his heart.
The Swallow
The swallow himself is a symbol of Loyalty. Since the beginning of the story he refuses to leave to Egypt with the others and stays to court the Reed. He then decides to stay with the Happy Prince.
The Townspeople
The townspeople are a symbol of repression. The townspeople mainly the council want to get rid of the statue just because it was now dull and not beautiful and use the metal to make a statue of the mayor instead.
Kassandra Galaviz
Tia Nicole
Joanna Alcantar
Merari Gonzalez
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