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What was the role of priests in Aztec Society?

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cammie far

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of What was the role of priests in Aztec Society?

What was the role of priests in Aztec Society? By:Natalie & Cammie Aztecs Responsibilities Pictures Of Aztec Society Aztec Structure The Aztec Calendar Aztec priests wore Facts about the Priests Aztec Facts Names of Gods Aztec Video The Aztec priests performed to the sun God and sacrificed by ripping out a persons heart.

It was a religion that they had to follow to worship the God. That was also the roles of the priests. When the Aztec priests ripped out peoples hearts, they arranged ceremonies to do so. Priests would rip the heart of the human one at a time. They also use one of the sharpest knives made from a very sharp rock. Priests would cut open the chest area in one or two slits. The Aztec priests would rip off the skin and wear it for 20 days. As a role they had to listen to the followers problem. They also had the responsibility to teach the welfare of his flock. He could be assisted by the any preachers or any member of his parish.
As a ritual, the Aztec priests painted themselves black, to let the other people know that they were, true priests. Huitzilopotchli [wheet-see-lo-POACHT-lee], god of war and the sun, and Tlaloc [TLAH-lok], God of rain. The Priests would dedicate their lives for the Gods. The Aztec priests had to choose people to be sacrificed, after they would eat the flesh, and also drink some of the blood of the sacrificed humans! Priests in work The Aztecs used the two different calendars. One was for measuring time, and one was used to fix religious festivals. In the time measuring calender, one year had three hundred and sixty five days divided into the eighteen months. The fundamental Aztec calender, was a two hundred day cycle, called Tonalpohuualli, or was called the count of days. Each month had twenty days. Those were though to be bad lucky days when disasters were most likely to have happened. Feather headdress worn by Aztec priests representing deities The Aztec Priests believed that people who were sacrificed to the Gods, women who died during labor, and the men who were killed in battle/ war, became companions of the sun for 5 long years. Roles of Priests
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