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The Victorians

A journey linking the past with the present

sarah ladow

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of The Victorians

A journey linking the past with the present Why the Victorians The
Victorians Imperialism Technology Charles Darwin's
Theory of Evolution Science Stethoscope (1816)
Lister's antiseptic treatment (germs!)
Chloroform (1847) and Ether (1846)
Lunacy (insanity)
Addictions Medicine Oh! The headaches
of an Empire! The Victorian Period 1837 (Victoria took Throne)
1901 (Victoria's death) Why the Victorians? Industrialization
--science, technology & medicine
--building an empire
Gender and Sexuality
--defining & defying Industrialization technology
medicine The steam engine changed everything--

where people lived
where they worked
class Science becomes a new "God" Sir Joseph Lister Technology, Science, & Medicine The Crystal Palace for the Great Exhibition (1851) Technology, science, and
medicine's positive results Technology Science & Medicine but it could be bad..... How the Novelists Responded Benjamin Disraeli Sybil, or The Two
Nations (1845)

Elizabeth Gaskell Mary Barton (1848)
Ruth (1853)
North and South (1855)

Charles Dickens Bleak House (1852)
Hard Times (1854) Today Cloning,anyone?

Designer Babies? How the Novelists Responded Elizabeth Gaskell Wives and Daughters (1864)
Robert Louis Stevenson The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll
and Mr. Hyde (1886) Novelists and Vaccines Charles Dickens Bleak House (Small Pox)

Authors such as Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Marie Corelli promoted vaccines through sympathetic heroines Vaccines Today Increase in whooping cough and measles Novelists and Lunacy Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre (1847)
Charles Dickens Great Expectations (1861) (Miss Havisham)

William Makepeace Thackeray (a true story) Bethnal Green Asylum Insanity Today Today Strikes
Oil Spills
Pollution Novelists Wilkie Collins The Moonstone (1868)
Joseph Conrad The Heart of Darkness (1899) Imperialism Today Ireland Globalization Novelists George Eliot Adam Bede

Charles Dickens Oliver Twist
Bleak House
Hard Times
David Copperfield
Dombey and Son

Thomas Hardy Tess of the

Mary Elizabeth Braddon Lady Audley's Secret
Rough Justice
The Day Will Come Women Today Still struggle with their roles
Teenage pregnancy
Single parenthood Homosexuality A crime in Victorian England
Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray
Disease or condition? The Police and Societies The National Purity Campaign
The National Vigilance Association Results of Policing Led to one of the greatest mysteries of all time, and sadly, the murder of several women
Today STDs on rise
Serial Killers And the novelist and his gift to us on this theme? Today Gender and Sexuality Victorian Problems....
Our Problems learn how to respond--read Victorian novels! Science Today We still look to science for answers
Creationism vs. Evolution rages on William Jennings Bryan, prosecution at Scopes trial Building an Empire Homosexuality Today Magdalene House Charles Dickens and Lady Angela Burdett-Coutts opened a Magdalene House--Urania Cottage Lady Angela Burdett-Coutts Urania Cottage Charles Darwin Victorian Medicine Despite advances, medicine still frightened people with good reason..... Oh, and by the way, Utilitarian thinking is back in our schools--Liberal Arts are being slashed to promote STEM classes Molly with her wasps' nest Darn! If only she'd exerted her Moral Will! Addiction Alcohol and Absinthe
Opium (laudanum)

For the Victorians, there was no treatment other than Moral Will Novelists Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights (1847)Hindley
Anne Bronte The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1848)
Charles Dickens Hard Times
Marie Corelli Wormwood There are some treatments in mental health hospitals, but Alcoholic Anonymous still depends on Will! Today Thomas Carlyle
getting to know a giant Signs of the Times (1829)--all of this technology is NOT GOOD! Manchester

1750 15,000 people
1800 75,000 people
1850 +300,000 people Industrial Cities Travel 1825--World's first public railway July 10, 1839 the Royal Victoria, finally completed as the largest steamship in the world and renamed the British Queen, sailed on her maiden voyage from London to New York. Utilitarianism Jeremy Bentham What's the use of it?

Utilitarianism =
profit, advantage, benefit, and happiness> disadvantage, loss,
Poor Law 1834 workhouse Drawbacks of Utilitarianism
and Technology Ignores Individual and Arts
Train Wrecks
Engine break downs Factories Poor Working Conditions
No Insurance

Strikes! Australia
British Guiana
Hong Kong
British India
Malay States
Mauritius New Zealand
Sierra Leone
South Africa
Tobago Imperialism & Colonialism Imperialism--claiming and
exploiting of territories
outside of one's own
national boundaries Colonialism--settling of territories and
transformation (reformation) of social
structure, culture, government, &
economy But, Why? prestige
trade routes to obtain
rubber market for its own goods Why England? Civilizing Mission
national superiority Non-Europeans less evolved (scientists)
culturally Cannibals
They need us! Victorian Thinking We can fix anything and anybody! Abroad or at Home! London, East End, circa 1850 Dr. Frankenstein process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture.

They NEED us! Women Father or husband's rule
Worked at home:
overseeing servants
social visits Home haven for men Working Women Governess
Servant Prostitution:
The Great Social Evil Pregnant Servants
Fallen Women
Sometimes Prostitutes Mayhew: 1857
8,600 prostitutes known to police
true number--80,000
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