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Click in the Clouds, BBC Click/Digital Planet Listeners Group, 2012

By the Click Family, 2012

Chris Followell

on 30 June 2014

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Transcript of Click in the Clouds, BBC Click/Digital Planet Listeners Group, 2012

in an Orange Grove, Spain
listening all together in Audra's house
Derek in London with
Gareth and Bill,
12 November, 2012
Patricia's Busy Kitchen
(September 2012, England)
Click on the radio
Gowri Abhirama Krishna
Click takes Jenny's mind off her housework and exercise!
Tom's breakfast in Spain with Click
Click on USTREAM -- Chris is ready
on my Smart Phone
Twiggy the guinea pig
Because the view just isn't that inspiring.....
Jeremy listens in the car on the way to work
Radio 4 theme done, time for Click!
Intro done. Oh! Cambridge & Geeks, how unusual a combination...
Another Cracking show! Now for the best bit...
Poetry? Didn't expect that.
Gareth and Bill
Stew Green whilst
traveling ..so often weeks behind
Michael from Christchurch NZ at work listening to the Click podcast
May 3, 2011,
Chocolate Mouth
Broadcasting across the digital planet
Synthetic on air talent?

“Hello everyone, this is Click. I’m
Siri Mitchell
and here is our studio expert,
Evi Thompson
. Today we turn back the clock to a time when professional broadcasters were human. Evi, it seems hard to imagine and it was not that long ago."
The Future
LJ Rich
Bernard Hunt
Click in 2025
I'm sorry!
by GarethDigitalPlanet
(in the old studio)
Founded by Derek
Windows 8
Meet the Prezi avatars you see on the screen when you edit together.
A Click Cousin
Ever-evolving, Ever-increasing...
'Bank' the Click
in new circles
Keep it Fresh
January 29, 2013
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Video by Giannina Rossini
It's Complicated
It is analog or is it digital?
a Gareth and Bill quarrel
A radio theatre walk-through
Circle -- ready to use
Circle -- ready to use
Circle -- ready to use
January 29, 2013
Ohh, Gareth and Bill saying we can update the Prezi with how we listen. I'd better do that then :-)
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