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Things Fall Apart Proverbs Presentation

No description

Amari King

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Things Fall Apart Proverbs Presentation

A Man Who Pays Respect To The Great Paves The Way For His Greatness.
Meaning: If you respect greatness, you will become great yourself.
Never Kill A Man Who Says Nothing
Meaning: If somebody never says anything to you that offends you, then you never should do them wrong.
When The Moon Is Shining The Cripple Becomes Hungry For Walk
Meaning: To the people of Umofia the moon is very important, so they believed that when ever it shined on them even the cripple can walk.
Things Fall Apart Proverbs Presentation
By: Amari King

A Toad Does Not Run In The Daytime For Nothing.
Meaning: Something strange does not happen for no reason at all.
There Is Nothing To Fear From Someone Who Shouts
Meaning: Men who shout should not be feared, as that is the most they will do.
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