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[DE] Minecraft Day3

No description

My Logiscool

on 2 October 2018

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Transcript of [DE] Minecraft Day3

Day 3
Redstone torch:
By default, it's turned on, and provides a signal. If it gets an active signal, it will turn off.
Redstone repeater:
Because signal can only travel 15 blocks, using this element, we can make it active for 15 more blocks, but it adds a bit of delay.
What did we learn so far?
Note block:
If a player hits it, or it receives a redstone signal, a note will be played. More can be connected to play notes like a song.
Pistons are blocks that are pushing and pulling blocks placed next to the face.
About rails...
What do we know of these rails?
The normal rail lets minecarts roll through it, allowing them to turn. The turn can be switched with redstone signal. The cart will slowly stop if rolls on these.
Powered rail:
The powered rail speeds up carts if powered with redstone, or slows them down if not.
Detector rail:
If we connect redstone to the sides of this, it will emit a signal if a minecart rolls through if.
Let's build a lighthouse using rails!
It was a pleasure programming with you!
Let's build a semi-automatic farm!
About the hopper...
The hopper can transfer items from and to containers like chests. For this to work, it will need to be connected properly. Also this works a bit differently, because when receives a signal, it'll stop transferring.
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