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No dream is too big

No description

Elizabeth Windham

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of No dream is too big

1. Believe in yourself
3.Never Give Up
No Dream is Too Big:
Elizabeth Windham
April 19, 2013

Challenge yourself
Seek out professional experience or travel opportunities

Get familiar with your rights as a person with disabilities at the work place

Get involved with activities
I dream to be a...
My life with a learning difference
Wedding Planner
I dream to be...
A children's book author.
creating a fun reading program
in rural Nepal.
earning my Ph.D
Reaching out

Set goals and plan out steps to achieve your goals


Motivation from friends and family
Transitions with schooling
Explore:Try New Things
Understanding your strengths and weakness

Do not be afraid of failing but learn from successes and failures
Lessons learned for college
Work-School- Life Balance
2. Advocating-Don’t be afraid to ask for help and Helping others
3. Determination-Never give up
Build skills set
1. Confidence-Believe in yourself
It's okay to Ask Questions!
Find out resources
I Found My Tickle
Appreciation about my education
Do what you love to do
lessons learned
Children and Education
It is not about me but helping others
Be patience with yourself and others

Take your time
Be persistence
Collaborate on tasks and projects
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