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& The difference between the two.

Patrick Lee

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Dystopia-Utopia

Dystopia Characteristics of a Utopian Society: -No problems Unfortunately... There aren't many stories that involve utopias, and if there is a utopia, it usually ends up becoming a dystopia. Dystopia: Characteristics of a Dystopian Society: Post - Apocalyptic Utopia For a story to be Post-Apocalyptic,
It must take place after: --Technological advancements -An untrustworthy government. (Lies, cover-ups, etc. -Enforced substance usage. -Major life choices being made without your consent. -Constant Surveillance But what does a Dystopia look like? The Answer: To be a Dystopia, it has to have the characteristics, but it doesn't have to look a specific way. What? A: A catastrophic war B: A plague. C: An equally destructive event. Here are some familiar examples of Dystopia: See, Adventure Time takes place after a nuclear war that destroys/mutate the whole world, which makes it Post-Apocalyptic! If you're still confused, here's a diagram to help you out: Thanks for watching! It also has to take place after one of these events. Hence the "Post".
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