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Ernst & Young

No description

Hugo Sa

on 10 August 2014

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Transcript of Ernst & Young

Staff Testimonials
(Glassdoor: EY Reviews)
Our Clients
Our Australian audit clients include 10 of the largest businesses listed on the ASX
Thank You
What We Do
Auditing Services
Areas of expertise
• Automotive

• Cleantech

• Consumer Products

• Financial Services (Wealth & Asset Management, Banking & Capital Markets, Insurance)

• Government & Public Sector Life Sciences (includes Biotechnology, Medical Technology and Pharmaceutical)

• Media and Entertainment

1. Ernst & Young - An introduction
Ernst & Young
Auditing Services - Assurance
• Staying up to date with accounting standards.

• Identifying and combat fraud, corruption and bribery.

• Increase transparency and control of reporting.

• Help guide the company towards a sustainable future, while also achieving its goals.

Areas of expertise Continued..
• Mining & Metals

• Oil & Gas

• Power & Utilities

• Private Equity

• Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction

• Technology

• Telecommunications

A big thank you from Ernst & Young for taking the time to view this presentation.

We look forward to working together.
A presentation by
Hugo Freitas Sa - 977193x
Leanne Drake - 1730606

2. What we do
3. Areas of expertise
4. Staff testimonials
Part Two - The Client
5. Client testimonials
6. Desirable types of clients
7. Characteristics of undesirable clients
Part One - The Firm
Non-Auditing Services - Tax
• Operate in a tax shifting environment by taking proactive actions towards policies that benefit the company and its future.

• Taking advantage of global compliance and reporting by distributing responsibility and meeting regulations.

• Setting up tax effective supply chains taking advantage of every hard earned dollar.

• Managing mobile taxes while travelling.

Non-Auditing Services - Advisory
• Analyse, remap and redesign company structure to achieve optimal levels of productivity.

• Help update technology in the workplace to increase efficiency and growth.

• Monitor and train staff.

• Help the company become bold and take risks to become and leader in their field.

Non-Auditing Services - Transactions
• Preserving capital – by restructuring or refinancing debts and dealing with shareholder disputes.

• Optimising capital.

• Investing capital to increase return to investors.

• Raising capital to grow the business.

An Introduction
Started as individual companies in the USA in the early 1900s.

Arthur Young And Co was created in 1906, by Scottish brothers Arthur and Stanley Young.

Alwin Ernst and this brother Theodore started Ernst and Ernst in 1903.

In 1989 both companies merged to become the global brand it is today Ernst & Young
(Two People, One vision).

Considered the 2nd biggest accounting firm in Australia behind pricewaterhouseCoopers
(BRW Top 100 accounting firms 2013)

Staff Testimonial 1
Jul 24, 2014 “Very flexible workplace”

Tax Manager (Current Employee) Sydney

Pros – It has been very flexible with maternity leave and flexible work arrangements. Also, great people work here.

Cons – It is such a large firm it is sometimes hard to see positive change happen.

Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend – I'm optimistic about the outlook for this company
Staff Testimonial 2
Jul 20, 2014 “Great place to start career”

Consultant (Former Employee) Sydney

Pros – Great peer group and colleagues Some of the smartest people I've had the pleasure of working with

Cons – A lot of working late just to be seen

Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend – I'm optimistic about the outlook for this company (Glassdoor)
Staff Testimonial 3
Jul 17, 2014 “A great employer with great people.”

Anonymous Employee (Current Employee)

Pros – Variety of experience and areas

Cons – Sometimes you can feel lost if you are not booked on a engagement.
Desirable Clients
Clients the firm will try to avoid
A client of questionable integrity

Where the auditor-client relationship lacks independence

Where the firm does not have the competence, time or resources.

Part One
The Firm
Part Two
The Clients
Business practices must be conducted with a high level of integrity.

Clients must operate a business of reputable practices.

The auditor-client relationship must be independent.

Non-Auditing Services
- Assurance
- Tax
- Advisory
- Transactions
(Building a better working world for our clients)
(Assurance Services: Meeting today’s auditing, financial and reporting challenges)
(Tax Services: We’ll help you navigate the global tax landscape)
(Advisory Services: Productivity: it's on our agenda. Is it on yours?)
(Transaction Advisory Services: Managing capital and transactions in a changing world)
(Staying ahead in your industry)
(Staying ahead in your industry)
(Glassdoor: EY Reviews)
(Glassdoor: EY Reviews)
(Glassdoor: EY Reviews)
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Building a better working world for our clients, viewed on 6th August 2014,

Gay, G & Simnett, R 2012,
Auditing & Assurance Services in Australia 5e
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(2013 Campus Brochure)
(Gay & Simnett 2012, p.234)
(Gay & Simnett, 2012 p.234)
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