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How do you engage with students?

FlyingStart is in its six year and over this time we have engaged with over 30,000 students and graduates. This varies from 3 hours inspiration to 12 months business start-up programmes. How do you engage with students? - We discuss new methods of engagi

David Bozward

on 3 September 2010

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Transcript of How do you engage with students?

Could we use social media? What online social media sites are there? Could we use mobile phones? to engage with students? What about apps! QR Codes can help! Provides:
Contacts Details
Send SMS By David Bozward
Director of FlyingStart Are you ready... Thank You!

David Bozward
http://www.facebook.com/bozward Online Seminars -> Webinars
or even short videos Our Statistics:
Ran 20 Webinars
Over 1000 people registered
Over 90% Satisfactication rate There are more than 150 million
active users currently accessing Facebook
through their mobile devices. Over 98% of students have a facebook account. After 20 Webinars:
Click through to Signup = 35%
Attendance Rate = 64%
Average Attendee Interest Rating = 58% Thanks The or Enterprise Touch Points 1.4 million UK mobile users accessing YouTube on their phones every day Summary: Our Partners: Enterprising Starts Webinar Tips
Design your agenda with a distracted participant in mind.
Don’t compromise the interactive learning portion of your workshop.
Give out slides in advance – review briefly and then start asking provocative questions.
Skip the video – prepare for a good dialogue between a moderator and expert.
Look for ways to engage your participants before and after the webinar. Do you have an app for that? FlyingStart 2010/11:
Workshops partnering with Societies
Bootcamps partnering with Universities
Whitelabel Mentoring Sites - www.mihmentoring.com
Working together to create new Enterprise touch points
Working with you to create new media solutions http://strategicsocialmedia.wordpress.com/2009/05/25/getting-engaged-are-we-making-a-difference/communication-wheel/ http://www.capturecompetition.com/ Aim:
Discuss current technology trends and opportunities for Educators
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