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Toy Story 3

No description

Julia Davis

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Toy Story 3

The plot in Toy Story 3 revolves around Andy getting ready to go to college. He puts all of his toys in a box to go to the attic and puts Woody in his college box. Mistakenly, Andy's mom puts the bag on the curb to be thrown away.Fortunately, the toys escaped, but now think that Andy wanted them to be thrown away and decide to jump into the donation box, to be played with. When they arrive they are placed in the Caterpillar room with noisy, rambunctious toddlers. However Woody sneaks out of Sunnyside to be with Andy, but gets taken home by girl named Bonnie. The toys send Buzz to ask Lotso to be transferred to a nicer room, but is then tied up and put on demo mode when he refuses to cooperate with him. All of the other toys are then imprisoned. Meanwhile as Woody finds out that his friends are in trouble at Sunnyside, he goes back to rescue them from Lotso. Woody joins his friends and sets up a plan for them all to escape through the garbage chute. Their plan almost works, but one of the alien’s foot gets stuck on the garbage lid. As all the toys try and help the alien, the dump truck come and dumps them all in one bin together. The toys are then transferred onto a conveyor belt leading to a shredding machine. They escape only to be heading towards an incinerator. Woody and Buzz help Lotso escape to push the emergency stop button, but he runs off. All of the toys realize there fate, but the aliens pluck them off and save them from death. The toys are given to Bonnie, to enjoy another lifetime of being played with.

As Lotso, the antagonist, is receiving karma for all the mistakes he has committed, such as locking the other toys up, the rest of the toys rejoice as they head back home
However, just as the toys believe that their lives are at an end, a giant claw, controlled by the 3 alien toys, appears and rescues them.
Falling Action
One of the moral lessons of Toy Story 3 is to stay united no matter what happens. Even though the toys had their arguments, at the end of the movie, when they realized that they might die, they all held hands and stuck together, showing their unity. In addition, when one of the alien’s feet got stuck in the trashcan lid, the toys could have easily continued running in an effort to escape, but instead they all pitched in to help him, ultimately leading to their near death experience.

Characters There are many different characters in Toy Story. Some are more important in the development of the movie than others. For example:
WOODY: Woody is a very loyal character. He comes to his friends rescue when he realizes they are in trouble without even thinking. He always puts the other toys first even if it means sacrificing himself. He is also very loyal to Andy. He is always there for Andy in his times of need and would do anything for him.
LOTSO: Lotso is portrayed as the evil character. He wasn’t always evil though; It all started when he was left by his owner at a rest stop. Not giving up, he found his way to her house only to discover that he had already been replaced by another “Lot-so-hugging“ bear. He now attempts to prevent toys from escaping Sunnyside Daycare and rules with an iron fist. Because of his painful past, he has a negative outlook on being a toy, thinking that toys are nothing special and are going to be disposed of in the future . He doesn’t want anyone to feel happiness and enjoys making the other toys suffer on his account.

The spectacle in Toy Story 3 is a major point because it is an animation movie. Without the animation, the movie would've been like any other movie. Even though Aristotle said that spectacle was the least important of the 6 elements, one Toy Story 3’s main elements would have to be the spectacle! The animation and design are spectacular!

The intensity of the movie is fired up as the toys are about to meet their fate in the incinerator
Rising Action
Woody suggests that Andy give his old toys to the little girl he stayed with, Bonnie. Andy ends up playing with his toys with Bonnie one last time.
Andy is 17 and is packing up for college. He has to go to his room and pack away his toys he wants to put in the attic. He takes Woody and puts him in his “going to college bag”.
Inciting Incident
When Andy puts Woody into the "college box" Woody wants to leave to be with his friends.Woody leaves the “college box” to go to the ‘attic box” the bag gets mixed up and is sent to Sunnyside Daycare. They are optimistic to begin with but then they are put into the catipliller room and hate it.
You've Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman. First written as the theme song for the first Disney/Pixar animated film Toy Story, it has since become the theme song for its sequels. he wrote the Toy Story 3 album. You've Got a Friend in Me was nominated for the 1996 Academy Award for Best Original Song and the 1995 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song but lost both to another Disney song.
There are many events leading up to the climax such as Woody leaving the daycare center so as to get back to Andy only to end up going back to save his friends. Along the way, many new friends and enemies will be met.
Through diction the viewer gains insight on what characters are thinking about other characters. For example,
ANDY: By the tenderness of his voice as he tells Bonnie “to promise to take care of them. They mean a lot to me ,”the viewer sees how much the toys mean to him and his love for them. In addition, we see how Woody is his favorite toy and how loyal he has been when he says “he thing that makes him special is that he will be there for you. Forever. No matter what.”
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