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Allusions in The Sea of Stories

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zainab bello

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Allusions in The Sea of Stories

Allusion #7
Eastern &Western Story Telling
Salman Rushdie

* Salman Rushdie, has many unique writing styles

* Allusion come from Eastern and Western political

*He is described as a
Modernist, Postcolonialist and
Western Stories
The Wizard Of Oz
* The main characters in both stories experienced difficult beginnings to their journey.

* On the bus, Rashid said, “Do we need to go so blinking fast?” (35), but Mr Butt managed to make the Mail Coach go even faster.

* Dorothy’s dramatic travel through the tornado.

Haroun's new companions (Iff, Butt, Blabbermouth, Mali, etc)
help him defeat Khattam-Shud and return back home.

Dorothy finds her companions (Lion, Scarecrow, Tin, etc) who also help her evade the wicked witch and struggle to return back home.

Alice in Wonderland
* The travel to a dreamlike setting with the aid of a magical creature.

* he has to defeat the evil villain

*Restore the land to its original state and return home.
*In Alice, the queen’s army is made of cards

*Iff told Haroun, “Each volume is headed by the front, or Title, Page and up there is the leader of the entire “Library” (88).

*no sense of organization
Khattam Shud
*Western Culture provided modernist poison

* Khattam-Shud is the originator of poison in the novel

*The Western culture can claim a “flexible positional superiority”

*Edward Said (critic) characterizes Western “Orientalism”.

*Therefore, Rushdie uses the elements of the Western Culture and postcolonialism to create allusions.
Khattam Shud
Allusions in The Sea of Stories
In the song "I am the Walrus" they sing "we are the eggmen" that relates to the eggheads of the P2C2E house, also when they sing "I am the Walrus", that relates to The Walrus who is the leader of the Eggheads, he also has a mustache which separates him from the rest of the eggheads
*Another allusion that is present in the novel is the connection to the story of Aladdin. In the novel Haroun and the Sea of Stories Haroun is transported around on Butt the Hoopoe with Iff the Water Genie and taken through the Twilight Strip.

*In Aladdin, the magical oil lamp that contains the Genie in the same way.

*Also the magic carpet is similar to Butt the Hoopoe because that is how both the main characters are transported.
Biblical Allusions
Haroun The Leader
Haroun is an allusion of Jesus Christ
Group of scared and worried people on boat
Calms the winds and sea

“ – Because it’s true what you have heard rumors of: the Land of Chup has fallen under the power of the “Mystery of Bezaban”, a Cult of Dumbness or Muteness, whose followers swear vows of lifelong silence to show their devotion.” (Rushdie 101)
“A new note of authority had come into his voice, which surprised him as much as anyone” (Rushdie page 49)
- The people of Chup are hypnotized by
-Took the role of an idol
-Hindu's have many idols
-Salman Rushdie is Hindi
Diverse writers of the Bible
Each writer is a story teller
The Ocean has diversity with the different waves and currents

Relies on narratives dating back to the earliest oral traditions
Eastern Stories
> Haroun and the Sea of Stories is characterized by a vast range of inter textual and inter culture references.

> The title connects to 2 outstanding Eastern collections of the stories the Indian Kathasaritsagara and the Arabian Nights.

> European story telling mixes with allusions to the East and to Eastern mythology.
> The poisoning of Khattam Shud, can be classified with the East

> Both narrative elements can be recognized with West & Eastern cultures

> Neither West nor East have dominance both cultures have equal footing towards the story.
Allusion 1
"The city where the Khalifas live is "so ruinously sad that it has forgotten its name" (15)

> lost areas of imagination
> The names of the story is the revealed to be Kahani, in connect to
The Neverending Story
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