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Persuasive Essay Paragraph Writing Sample

No description

Jacqueline Ryan

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Essay Paragraph Writing Sample

Write a persuasive essay convincing a tourist to visit a specific place for vacation. Persuasive Essay Outline Introductory Paragraph Conclusion Paragraph Attention grabber: How can you introduce the topic or your essay in one sentence?

Essential Background Information: Once you have introduced this topic, give the reader some background so they have a better idea about what you will talk about. This should be about 2-3 sentences.

THESIS STATEMENT: This is simply stating what you are going to prove to your reader in the entire essay. It should include the three things that you will be talking about in your body paragraphs.

In your T-chart, write three pro's on the left and three cons on the right side about the place you want someone to visit. Topic sentence: Introduce the first pro for your convincing argument.

Evidence/Example: State one example that you can provide that will support your argument.

Explanation: In your own words, explain to the reader why that example proves what you are trying to get them to believe.

**You need at least 2 examples with their explanation in EACH body paragraph.**

Conclusion: Write a sentence that finishes the sentence and allows for a transition into the next paragraph. Body Paragraph #1: Topic Sentence: One reason a tourist should visit New York City is because there are so many things to do at all times.

Evidence/Example: For example, New York City has many museums, historical sites, and famous landmarks.
Explanation: Tourists with many different interests have plenty of options to learn more about the city and history by going to different museums in one small area.
Evidence/Example: New York City is the home of Broadway shows.
Explanation: Many famous musicals and actors started on Broadway in New York City and have become extremely famous.
Conclusion: New York City has something for everyone to do and will leave no tourist bored.
Sample Body Paragraph Topic Sentence: Presenting the counterargument- You may begin this paragraph by using one of the following: "One might argue..." or "Others might disagree because...".

Evidence/Example: This is where you provide evidence as to why that counterargument isn't going to work.

Explanation: Disprove this counterargument.
**Do it again**

Conclusion Sentence: Finish this argument by stating what you want the reader to believe. Counterargument Body Paragraph Restate what it is you are trying to convince the reader.
People need to visit New York City because it is the best city in the United States.
Give some background about the topic... just remind the reader.
New York is a lively city that millions of people visit each year. It is one of the most popular places to visit.

End the essay with a broad statement that finishes your essay.
Everyone should visit New York City at least once in their lives.
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