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Equipment for Airway Endoscopy

No description

Ross Hofmeyr

on 4 April 2018

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Transcript of Equipment for Airway Endoscopy

Introduction to Airway Endoscopy
Ross Hofmeyr
University of Cape Town

Gustav Killian
8-25 micron glass fibres
(Fine human hair: 20-180 micron)

Angle of incidence below critical
Vast majority of light reflected within fibre
Cladding of different optical density glass
Refraction reduced to near-zero

"Coherent bundles" of >10 000 fibres create image
Parallel bundles for light source and image
"There is more hope...
...with the bronchoscope."
Shigeto Ikeda
Control body
Focus ring
Insertion tube
Light source
Working/suction channel
Flexible tip
Articulating steel ribs covered with steel mesh then rubber/polyurethane sheath

Typical 130 - 180 degrees motion in each direction in a
plane via Bowden cable mechanism

Handling and care of flexible 'scopes
Inspect before each use to prevent problems escalating
Leak test before every use and cleaning

In use:
Don't bend or coil excessively
Never use force
Don't hold flexion while moving
Avoid bumps and knocks

Treat it like you own it... and remember what it costs
Cleaning flexible 'scopes
Remember the leak test
Flush the working channel regularly and copiously
"The solution to the pollution is dilution"
Immerse in enzymatic detergent, brush, soak, brush again, then flush with plenty of tap water
Soak in disinfectant
Rinse and dry

No stiff brushes - strip the coating!

Store hanging freely

Always use plenty of lubrication along the entire scope!
Fiberoscopic skills developement
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