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Forces & Motions

No description

Harkaran Singh

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Forces & Motions

A force could be as easy as a push or a pull. Forces always travel from one object to the other. There are 5 forces. Contact, Non-contact, Net, Unbalanced, and Balanced Force.
Net Force
To have all forces combined into one is called Net Force.
Contact Vs. Non-Contact Force
Contact Force is when another object contacts the with another objects.

Non-Contact Force is when another object DOES NOT come in contact with another object.
What Is A Force?
When you push and pull a object, Example: like throwing a football it makes motion of the ball in the direction the person threw it. the person who threw the ball forced it in that direction.
Newton's First law of Motion
Isaac Newton was a good scientist who explained how force crates motion. He also mad 3 rules witch a called newtons laws, The first law is when the net force of a object is zero then the object doesn't have motion.
Unbalanced forces of motion
If hit a baseball when the pitcher threw if at you you exert a force when you hit the ball. And the force you used to hit the ball is changes the direction and sends the ball into motion.
Velocity is the speed of something in a gavin direction. If the net force is unbalanced and you kick the ball the velocity of the ball will change.
Gravity is the force that brings everything to earth. gravity is a non-contact force you cant see it or touch it. If you shoot a basket ball really weak it wont go up to the hoop it will go down to the ground and that is gravities fault.
Vector and Gravity
Forces & Motions
Balanced VS. Unbalanced Force
Balanced Force is when the Net Forces of an object is zero and is balanced.

Unbalanced Force is when the Net Force of an object is NOT ZERO and is unbalanced.
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