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Six Core Managerial Competencies

No description

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Six Core Managerial Competencies

Developing Managerial Competencies
Six Core Managerial Competencies
Set of knowledge, skills, behaviors, attitudes.
Communication Competency
Ability to effectively transfer and exchange information.
Planning and Administration
Deciding what tasks need to be done and how, as well as monitoring its progress.
Teamwork Competency

Accomplishing tasks through small groups of people who are collectively responsible and whose job requires coordination.
Strategic Action Competency
Understanding the overall mission and values of the organization and ensuring that employees actions match with them.
Informal Communication
Two-way communication
Builds strong interpersonal relationships with people.
Formal Communication
Informs of relevant events and activities.
Makes persuasive, high impact public presentations.
Developing relationships and exercising influence with superiors.
Takes decisive and fair actions when handling problem subordinates.
Information gathering, analysis and problem solving.
Planning & organizing projects.
Budgeting and financial Management.
Determines, obtains, and organizes necessary resources to accomplish a task.
Time Management
Designing teams properly.
Creating supportive team environment.
Managing team dynamics appropriately.
Understanding the industry.
Understanding the organization.
Taking Strategic Actions.
Multicultural Competency
Understanding, appreciating, and responding to diverse political, cultural, and economic issues across and within nations.
Cultural knowledge and understanding.
Cultural openness and sensitivity.
Self Management Competency
Developing yourself and taking responsibility for your life at work and beyond.
Integrity and ethical conduct.
Personal drive and resilience.
Balancing work and life issues.
Self-awareness and development.
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