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Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences-Minecraft Style

A project for algebra 2 that uses Minecraft as an example to help explain sequences and their uses

Nicholas Music

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences-Minecraft Style

Now lets say that you only had one block of cactus.
In Minecraft, one block will grow to be three blocks high.
After your one block grows you will have 3 blocks of cactus.
We will call this "3" T1 since you only have to plant one cactus Now each of those 3 blocks can grow to three more. Again, each of the 9 cactus is multiplied by three
and you get T3 Geometric Using the explit formula we can write the equation
specific to this situation. The same equation can be written with the recursive formula. Arithmetic and
Sequences In Minecraft By Nicholas Music Arithmetic Lets say, for example, that you wanted to build a big glass dome... In Minecraft you can
put sand in a furnace
with coal and it will
become glass Each coal produces enough
heat to make 8 glass We will call the 8 glass T1 since you only
need one coal. Knowing that we can write
the explicit equation It can also be written using the recursive formula. common ratio common difference Thank you t1=8
t5=40 By the 5th
coal you will
have 40
glass t1=3
t5=243 By the 5th
cycle you will
have 243 cactus
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