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Making Money - The SubHub Academy

No description

Miles Galliford

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Making Money - The SubHub Academy

Making Money there are dozens of ways to make money online revenue opportunies can be categorised under .....from online content is... THE BIGGEST untapped opportunity on the Internet
today ..it is also one of the
least understood few people realize ...that's where we can help 5 headings Advertising display classifieds contextual In-text jobs boards directory listings sponsorship advertorials product placement Affiliate lead generation pay-per-sign-up referrals sales commission pay-per-action mlm surveys Ecommerce dropship digital downloads physical products on-demand products pay per view pay per article auction merchandise Paid Membership premium content courses directory database fractional ownership fan club exclusive community association resource library Events/Activities webinars workshops conference mentoring licensing consultancy public speaking seminars advisor the most successful content sites
have multiple revenue streams some as many as start planning revenue startegy now YOUR “Wealth, like happiness, is never attained
when sought after directly. It comes as a
by-product of providing something useful” - Henry Ford
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