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Europass for volunteers

September 2014 en April 2015

Monique Leegte

on 29 June 2015

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Transcript of Europass for volunteers

Europass Certificate
for Volunteers
An initiative of the European Commission
Mobiliteit bij Werken en Leren
makkelijker maken
- Europass CV
- Europass language passport
- Europass Mobility
- Europass Certificate Supplement
- Europass Diploma Supplement
Europass Mobility
Europass Mobility for Volunteers
Benefits for the volunteers?
A stepping stone to a paid job
Recognition of competences by the volunteer organization
Recognition of competences by the volunteer: awareness
To show employers evidence of experiences
What's in it for the volunteer organizations ?
Volunteers like to work at your organization because they will receive an Europass mobility
By issueing the Europass Mobility you show your appreciation of the work the volunteer has done for your organization.
When a volunteer, applying for a position at your organization, brings along a Europass document, it will be easier to estimate his skills beforehand.
This possibly will attract more young volunteers to your organization
Enhancing opportunities
Jo Peeters
National Europass Centre
The 5 Europass documents
Voluntary work
Internships outside Europe
Europass and Voluntary work:
When the volunteer leaves your organization, he has a document to work with on his career path
Internships in Europe
Content of the document
Type of work
The period of voluntary work
The acquired knowledge, competences and skills
The document requires involvement of 3 parties:
1. the individual
2. a sending organisation
3. a receiving (host) organisation
Doel van Europass:
In The Netherlands the Europass Mobility document is also used for:
To summarize:
The Netherlands
in the home country
In the future
Europass Mobility for volunteers
Europass Experience
More information:
Europass, what is it?
Europass CV and European Skills Passport
Europass Certificate for volunteers
Europass is a set of documents that you can use to show your skills and competences in a clear and structured way
National Europass Centre
36 NECs in Europe
Records work experiences, training, summer jobs, courses, voluntary work and internships in the home country
Europass CV
European Skills Passport

Some Good Practices
Den Bosch, Stichting Jong Actief
TOF Vakanties, Grou
European Skills Passport
your own e-portfolio
your diplomas
other Europass documents
Europass Certificate for volunteers
Welzijn Buren

It is a European standard CV
Use it for international applications or for applications in your own country
It presents your skills and competences in a structured way
Easy to fill in
NEW: Upload your LinkedIn profile
Etoile International
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