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8p Technology graphics

Tech folio

John Thomas

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of 8p Technology graphics

Year 8p Tech folio By John Thomas In graphics this term we are making a swing tag. We will be designing them ourselves. We will also be making a folio. Design brief Some of the limitations are
Time we only have 6 periods a fortnight
Missing class
Computer/internet not working
Getting distracted Design limitations Criteria for success Time managment Make a well designed swing tag. Research labels
. Possible business names Why I chose this name:
I chose this because it flows very well of the tongue. It is also very self explanatory Sleek P: very flowy and nice
M: quite plain and not exciting
I: The coat hangar Business logo designs P: Very bold flowy and self explanitory
M: The lack of colour might not attract
I: The bow tie on the end of the k Buisness logo designs P: Nice curvy letters
M: Would not attract anyone to it
I: The letters go from big to small P: You instantly know that this is a clothing brand
M: Doesn't have colour and it seems dead
I:Very interesting that this is a needle and thread Swing tag Designs P: Nice logo with price
M: No color
I: The price and the logo
are on the same card P: The star makes the logo more attractive
M: Looks very messy
I: The barcode has no numbers
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