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Lana Del Rey - Blue jeans

No description

Carlos Taborda

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Lana Del Rey - Blue jeans

Lana Del Rey - Blue jeans
Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn.
It was like James Dean for sure, You're so fresh to death and sick as ca-cancer
But you fit me better than my favorite sweater
That Love is Mean, And love hurts

This is personification because love is being given human qualities
She was implying that his looks were so good that she couldn't handle it.
She was comparing the guy to the famous James Dean saying he is really fresh
and "sick" which is slang for
really cool
She is saying that the guy and her are a perfect match for each other
Metaphor / Hyperbole
I will Love you 'til the end of time
I would wait a million years
Here she is saying that she would love him for a long time. Its a Hyperbole because you cant really live for a million years.
We don't need no money we can make it all work
This is a hyperbole because you cant really make things work with no money at all.
I stayed up waitin', anticipatin', and pacin'
Its assonance because the sound "in'" is being repeated
Whether you fail or fly
She means if he fails or succeeds
We were dancing all night
This is a hyperbole because you cant really dance all night
But when you walked out that door, a piece of me died
Its a metaphor because she felt like he was really vital to her and he left her like a piece of a puzzle
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