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Telephone Etiquette

Kenya Williams and Chelsea Hill Project Janurary 11, 2013

Kenya Williams

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Telephone Etiquette

Even though the person
that you are talking
can't see you should
still smile while on
the phone. Telephone Etiquette By: Kenya & Chelsea The person of concern who you are speaking with should feel very Respected to know that they are talking to and person who has manners and respect. How we say "Hello" matters Great Conversation 1. Always Identify Yourself Properly (ex. Good Morning Mr. White my name is Kenya Williams and I am calling from financial solutions.)
2. Aviod leaving long winded messages
3. Always focus on the call dont get distracted Having a Phone Conversation Overall Making Calls Respect Others Time When placing a call after identifying yourself you should ask "do you have a minute?" 1. Speak clearly
2. Use normal tone
3. Don't use slang ex. Forreal Tho!
4. Don't eat or drink While talking
5. Be patient & helpful
6. Ask to put caller on hold
6. Address The caller with a Good Morning/ Afternoon Mr. White(ex.) Sometimes we get in the habbit of not saying hello when that sets the tone for how the conversation will go. If you start the conversation off properly then even if its a Difficult conversation the person be less likely to get angrywhen they see that you are calm. You ARE NOT talking to your friend!!!!! Remember to say GOOD MORNING When answering the phone for a co-
worker you should ask who's calling
and then ask them to hold. Comfirm with the caller if is ok to discuss a sensitive conversation.
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