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The Selection

No description

Dayana Gonzalez

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of The Selection

Illéa & its Castes*
America Singer, a 17 year old girl who is caste Five (the artist caste), receives a notice saying that she is allowed to send in an application for
The Selection.

And so this story begins..
Aspen Leger
Besides 34 others, America Singer is chosen to compete for the prince Maxon
The Big Moment
America makes an instant Selected friend,

And at the same time makes an enemy,
On the first night at the palace, America starts to feel very claustrophobic, so she desperately runs outside to the palace gardens to get some fresh air.

Prince Maxon follows her. They have a chat and become friends. By the end of formal introductions, only twenty-seven girls were left.

Meeting the prince
America soon makes an impression at the palace, on the country, and especially prince Maxon.
Getting the nation on her side
America and Maxon eventually become very close.
Falling in love
Just when America falls for Maxon, she sees Aspen in the Palace with a guard uniform.

America then realizes that she still loved him, while having feelings for Maxon.
Aspen...... appears at the Palace
When the rebels attack the palace, a lot of the selected leave because of the danger. Only six Selected are left.
“Miss America Singer of Carolina, Five.”
The Selection takes place in the country of Illéa, a country that rose from America’s ruins after the fourth world war.
A monarchy presides over the country
The Selection occurs in about 200 - 300 years in the future.
America Singer
The Selection

The Palace
35 girls competing
For the prince's heart.
America's secret lover.
Kept a secret because
he is a
Aspen + Mer
New York Times Bestselling author of The Selection Series
Divided castes
from 1 (royalty) to 8 (homeless).
*Caste: the system of dividing society into hereditary classes.
Maxon Schreave
He is the only child of
Queen Amberly Schreave.
King Clarkson Schreave and
21 years old
Whom 35 girls will be competing for
America, however, is very uninterested in The Selection because her heart belongs to someone else...
...if they win, they become Queen of Illea
Who are they competing for?
Her family convinces her to send in an application for The Selection
Her family is poor
Meeting Prince Maxon

At some point, America learns that rebels often attack the palace. America sticks around for Maxon.
America finally realizes that she is exactly where she ought to be, among The Selected.
Kiera Cass was born and raised in South Carolina. She graduated from Radford with a degree in History. She is married to Callaway Cass. They have two children, a son named Guyden and a daughter named Zuzu.
Enid I. Alarcón Ortega
Dayana M. González Calvillo Daniela Sánchez Villarreal
...Or not?
Thanks for
your Attention
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