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No description

HyeonWoo Lim

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Rapunzel

Eugene Fitzherbert
Differences in Characters
Story Line
Common Things in

a.k.a. Flynn Rider named after a hero of his childhood
Childhood: Never knew his parents and spent all of his time with his fellow orphans in the orphanage
Occupation: Thief (formerly)
Prince of Corona
Character: Heroic, humorous, charming, romantic, gifted, narcissistic, rebellious
The real Eugene at Disneyland
Quote: "They just can't get my nose right!"
Eugene is the second Disney Prince to be stabbed (with no blood lol), die, and then revive
The main character of 'Tangled'
In fact, there
was a thief whose name is
Eugene and became a prince in the original story
Rapunzel has hair which can heal the wounds
She uses her healing hair in the movie
Rapunzel escaped
in tower by men
who agressed
in the tower.
Rapunzel falls in love with hero who entered the tower.
Rapunzel was Caged in Tower by a Witch, Gothel.
Rapunzel's Long Hair
is used to climb
a Tower
Common Things in Back Ground
The Last
Rapunzel's tears treats wound of hero.
Episode of her birth is different from original story
There have never shown the kids of Rapunzel in 'Tangled' and 'Tangled ever after'
Rapunzel had 2 kids in the original story
Never raised rampions
Mother Gothel
Rapunzel was kidnapped by witch because of her parents!
The witch, Gothel gave the hero a dig in the ribs
Rapunzel and prince meet few years later after they parted because of the witch
There are other villains except the witch, Gothel
Rapunzel got her special power from magic golden flower
Difference in Background and Events
Which is about the movie or story?
The Enchantress
The purpose why she took Rapunzel and keep her in the tower
How Rapuzel call her
Fate of Mother Gothel
Other Characters
Thank u!!!!!!!
10708 고화연
10717 송지수
10724 이태경
10726 임현우
Watch the video!
They Lived Happily ever after
The last
she has long hair
The Movie
The Story
There is a witch craft both in the movie and the original story.
Rapunzel parts with hero for a space.
Rapunzel and Eugene plan the means of escape together.
A lonely couple, who really wanted a child lived next to the enchantress.
He breaks into the garden twice and got some for her.
But at third, the enchantress caught him.
After the baby girl is born, the parents of her gave the baby to the enchantress.
When she became 12, the witch shuts her away in the tower. When the witch visits her, she called her to put her hair down.
One day, a prince rides through the forest and hears Rapunzel singing from the tower. Also he learned how he can climb up the tower. So he climbs up up, meets her and asks her to marry him.
잠이나 자 이것듀라
Rapunzel has a pet chameleon pascal
After the arrival of long-waited pregnancy, she desperately wanted the rampion at the garden of enchantress.
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