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VRS Heavy Duty Eng

No description

Nicolas Huthloff

on 25 June 2017

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Transcript of VRS Heavy Duty Eng

Key Features :
Telescopic Chassis
Quick exchange boom head

No loss in capacity
During docking the lifting tool, hydraulics and elecronics are connecting automatically
Driver operated
Grabbing or dropping of lifting tool within minutes
Personalized tracer pin identifies lifting tool and adjusts over-load cut-off accordingly
compatible attachments equipped with female boom head plate

CES Drive Sensing
telescopic variable wheelbase allows up to 7 wheelbases and load capacity configurations in one machine
Key Features :
Telescopic Chassis
Powertrain =
low noise and low
fuel consumption
Key Features : Quick Exchange of Attachments
Key Features : Software
Type A – F
maximum capacity of up to 50t under spreader
perfect for container and swap body handling

Heavy Duty
Variable Wheelbase
What makes the VRS unique?
Our intelligent powertrain measures the rolling resistance and provides only as much energy as needed in each driving position
Permanent check of drive system according to DMS technique ,software processing of measurement results
Load balancing and balancing of ground pressure
evenly spread ,ground pressure of 9.7kg/cm² will not be exceeded
CES Ground Pressure Control
Drive sensing and ground pressure control technology
Low fuel consumption due to intelligent transmission and small engine: 10-13 Liters per operating hour - fuel costs savings from 30 to 50%
Extended Service
Fuel Tank
Fuel Savings
Reduced costs -
Increased availability

Higher machine availability due to 1000 hours regular maintenance interval and 1000 Liter Diesel Tank - availability of the equipment at 95%

Reduced Maintenance Costs due to 1000 hours regular maintenance interval the CES VRS Reach Stacker is saving 40 - 50 % of the costs
easy repair & maintenance
easy up & downgrades
changeability of components and attachments
high stability through pipe profile
modular design - lego like

hydrostatic drive = low fuel consumption and low noise level
Type G – H
maximum capacity from 57 to 86t under spreader
perfect for both – container and heavy duty operation
Type K – L
maximum capacity of 125 and 250t
at 1850mm load center
perfect for heavy duty operation
We lift and move up to

Quick & Easy
Disassembly & Transport

Quick-change systems allows fitting of different kinds of attachments such as crane hook, fly jib or 90t capacity container spreader
The alternative for SPMT
& Crawler cranes

specialized equipment for handling of wind components to reduce number of crawler cranes needed for production or built up of wind farms
Quick disassembly and easy transport in containers as regular road, rail or sea transport
significant savings can be made in comparison to SPMT movers and crawler cranes
We proudly announce the supply of two 150t
Reach Stackers to CS Wind

Lift & Move
onshore & offshore components

On site farm assembly
Please click on black screen
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